Mission Statement

It’s been roughly three years since we started The Thought Renaissance. Many of our writers have sacrificed blood, sweat, and piss to bring you engaging content such as THAT POST ABOUT CHUCK NORRIS and THAT EROTIC SHORT SERIES. We’ve spent what amounts to months sitting on the toilet to bring high brow musings to the masses with asses. And yes, our dumpster fire is still burning bright.

If you’ve been around our site more than once, you’ve probably noticed the sheer lack of focus in our content. One day you might see a gentle love story, while the next day you might read about someone making out on the toilet. Our site is what the English would describe as all “sixes and sevens.” We are all over the place. We consider ourselves writers that have frequently bumped our heads. We lose track of what is happening…a lot.

The Thought Renaissance was my brainchild. It’s Jae Jr. It was originally supposed to be an online journal of sorts, where I told you about the daily doings of me, an ordinary, not so extraordinary guy. It was going to be a live narrative of the EveryMan. However, it quickly evolved into something else. I like to think that, now, “TTR” is exactly as its name implies now. It’s a thought Renaissance. Its a reawakening of my acceptance of my thoughts, imaginings, and musings. It’s whatever the hell I was thinking about the most on that day, without the fear of condemnation from society. Society can lick a caterpillar nipple. The Thought Renaissance is forever!

We don’t need a true mission statement. That might be the reason that we don’t have many followers, but it’s true to who we are at TTR. Our goal is to poop out content that we think up, and put it on the toilet seat of the truck stop of the world for everyone to look at. Some of you will be disgusted. But a few of you, will laugh. Hell, a handful might even want to take a picture of it. And that is our fan base. The poop photographers! We supply this content for you!

So with that said…

…We, the members of The Thought Renaissance, declare that we shall continue to smear our content all over the porcelain lip of the toilet of the internet, in hopes that those with phones and Instagram will take snapshots of our gravy paintings and share them with everyone they come in contact with.

I, want to personally thank you, all of you, for visiting this site. We may not post when you want us, but we’ll eventually get to it, when the guts of our minds and typing fingers start to bubble.

Kisses, hugs, and potato bugs, internet.


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