About the Editor

Imagine yourself sitting in a box. It’s a fairly standard box, similar to what you most likely received from Amazon.com within the last 2 weeks. The box is closed on all six sides and both the top and bottom are taped shut. Someone just lit that box on fire. Now imagine what’s happening. Imagine the vibrant orange flickers dancing amongst the plumage of thick black smoke, consuming the easily chewed cardboard within its engulfing maw. That smoke grabs at your throat, trying to take hold, biting into your eyes as its unwanted kisses unthread the fibers of your clothing. Imagine the heat. Imagine how dark it’s getting. Imagine the smell. Imagine everything. Now, stop imagining that. That’s dumb. I mean, the tape would have given away from the heat, so if you’d have stayed inside that box, it would’ve been your choice to die in there the whole time.

Well, that pretty much says everything I needed to say. I’m Jae Davis, the lead and currently only contributor to the impending Dumpster fire that is The Thought Renaissance. I’ve been writing short stories and doodling crude flowers since elementary school. I’m no Salvador Picasso Frost-Poe, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

I’m a bit of a hermit, living off the south eastern coast of these fairly United States. I enjoy starting things and not finishing them apparently. Yes, I painted that self portrait back in 2014 and no, I never finished the detail work around the ears. And yes, I understand that you probably didn’t notice that before I said something and no, I don’t care that I drew attention to my own flaws.

But art and procrastination aside, my true passion is good ass story telling. I’m a firm believer that everyone has a story, but they just haven’t found the right audience to listen. I hope you are the right audience. If you aren’t, no refunds. So just enjoy your stay. Or don’t. I’m quite certain you’re old enough to make your own decisions.

The last thing you should probably know about me is that, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. So feel free to make some.