Yeeeaaaahhhh Boooooiiii!!!

Have you ever stepped out the house and just knew you were going to have a good day, like the aura of positivity and mango jolly ranchers was just crawling into you through every glorious bodily entrance? That’s how I’m feeling today. It feels like the universe has been riding my face and just had a juicy orgasm all in my mouth. (Apologies to all the family members that just read that line. I’m kind of a pervert sometimes. Welcome to The Thought Renaissance.)

I’m not sure exactly what happened to give me this feeling. I didn’t particularly sleep well last night. Drinking a two liter of blackberry ginger ale does not help a bladder relax. I didn’t have a pop tart or a glass of orange juice or any other part of a complete balanced breakfast this morning. I settled for a handful of vitamins and supplements and a Red Bull. To be honest, nothing noticeably remarkable happened to me. I’m just having a good day.

I shouldn’t be this surprised. After all, having good days was always the goal. It’s why I started making up my bed every morning and why I opted to feign happiness in the first place. Positive patterns lead to positive vibes. The outcome justified the means. The universes’ climax juice is going down smoothly and I’m begging her for more. (Sorry, again.)

I’m going to ride this high through the rest of the week and see how things go for me. If I hit the lottery or win something else amazing, I’ll be sure to update you all. Until then, stay sexy, world.

Oh yeah…I stole the moon for my own personal enjoyment. That’s me holding it in the picture, above. Y’all can have it back when I’m done.

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