The Quarantine Blues

Bestie Harmony and Animal Crossing Me

It has been some year. If anybody had asked me what my 2020 plans were going to be, dodging handshakes and watching Tiger King would not have made the list. This year has been the metaphorical embodiment of a curveball.

I’m no stranger to isolationism. Hell, my first Instagram/Twitter handle was The Soda City Hermit. Fuck people! I enjoyed being alone. But I can’t always be. My job, the one I hilariously depict in a few blogs on here, has declared me as essential. So while most of you guys are tucked away in your bunkers, eating canned beans, and masturbating to old vhs recordings of Step by Step, I’m dancing the “immunity tango,” with hundreds of military personnel. This shit is terrible.

But I didn’t crawl out of internet obscurity to write a post bashing my job. I’m here to extend an invite. How would you like to hang out with me?!

Now, granted, this hangout session won’t be in person. The law pretty much forbids that…and Im not too big a fan of being surrounded by fleshies in the first place. But I game. I game a whole lot! So I’m gonna let you know, how you can game with me!

I typically play on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. If you’re on the Xbox side of things, add me to your friend’s list. My gamertag is TheJaeBird. Coincidentally, that’s also my tag on Nintendo, but Mario’s console makes you use friend codes to find people. So here is my friend code.


And in the event you are a PC person, I currently only play Warframe there. My steam id is JaeThePseudonym.

You can find me playing games like Monster Hunter Online, Animal Crossing New Horizon, Halo, Gears of War, and just about any other awesome game that isn’t sports related. I hope to see you guys online, soon. Gamer-me is actually pretty dope.


  1. Quarantine can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Some get bored and forget how detrimental it is out in dese streets, others prosper in their own solitude. I also have to boost my immune system to 100 to deal with the careless public. I now wear armor daily and wonder why I hadn’t made a trend of it so long ago. Be safe(er).


  2. Lol, I recently saw a tweet about what each sign would be doing during quarantine..and for Aquarians…it was making online friends! Go forth and conquer! much are your turnips today? 🙂


    • Why does the internet presume to know me?! But my turnips are running at 105 bells. But the twins don’t buy on Sundays. The market is closed on the sabbath…lol


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