Praise (An Erotic Tale)

She was mad at me. I could tell. She had this way about her when she was pissed. Short answers, staring off in the opposite direction, nodding to herself, she offered plenty of hints as to what she was feeling. I couldn’t remember what I had done, but I knew how to fix it.

She reluctantly followed me to the back bedroom. She knew my intentions without me speaking. I was going to make things better. I was going to cheer her up. The hallway was nearly pitch black. I walked closely behind her, subtly guiding her into the room. I locked the door behind us.

She turned around and looked at me with a sexy scowl on her face. My mouth watered a bit. I placed my hands on her belt and started to relieve her of her clothing. She attempted to pull away from me, but I wouldn’t let her. She held her anger well. But I knew how to disarm her.

“Let me worship you,” I whispered to her. Her body came to a violent halt, as if she seized up. I could see her brain processing every spell I cast into her with those particular words. She was mine.

She let me tug her pants down, exposing her mahogany treasure. I traced her thighs with my thumb, before stopping on her raven feathered diamond. I looked up to see the angst in her eyes. I pushed her into the bed and spread her legs. “Can I worship you?”

“Why are you asking me that?”

“Yes or no. I am asking a goddess if I can worship her.” She hid her smile behind a stern face and laid back in the bed, silently. I kneeled down and placed one of her legs over my shoulder. I pulled her closer to meet my face. I nestled my nose against her clitoris and began lapping my tongue against her lips. I could feel her back arch slightly with each lick, but I wasn’t satisfied.

I grabbed her lip with my tongue and pulled it into my mouth. As I sucked the sweet, savory shell of her, her juice began to drip down onto the sheets. She moaned as I nibbled her pussy, while teasing her clit with my thumb. She loved it. She loved it even more when I slipped my thumb inside of her.

She fucked my hand as I sipped her juices from her lips and thighs. Her thrusts let me press against her g-spot continuously. She reached down and grabbed a fist full of my hair, keeping me close as I sucked her orgasm out. She convulsed rapidly, her pussy vibrating against my face. Before her legs could stop shaking, I started sucking up her nectar.

As I kissed around her hood, I slid my tongue under to bat her clit around. I slid two fingers inside of her to beckon out another orgasm. I gently ran my fingers down the front of her vaginal walls. She couldn’t take it anymore. She came into my hand.

Her body quivered around my fingers over and over. She was nearly out of breath. I slid my fingers out of her and stood up, staring down at the beautiful mess I created. “Did I worship you, good?” I sucked her essence from my fingers as I waited for an answer.

She smiled and playfully screamed at me. “No!”

I snarled at her and lifted her legs again, this time exposing her cum soaked ass hole. “I’ll make you say ‘yes.’” I slid my middle finger into her butt, and my thumb back into her vagina. I began fingering her at full speed. I made sure to rub my fingers together inside of her, she loved it. She grabbed my wrist in ecstasy. Orgasm after orgasm pulsated into my hand. Her moans echoed through the bedroom as her back arched.

“Yes,” she screamed.

I pulled my fingers out of her and watched as she gasped for air. “Did I worship you good?”

“Yes!” She squinted her eyes at me. “Yes, and I hate you.”

I laughed at her playfulness. I picked her up and hugged her. I could feel her deep breathing against me. I kissed her forehead and looked down at her. “This is how I’ll keep you from being mad at me from now on.”

She hit me.

The end.

“I’m not horny. You’re horny!!!” — Jae Davis


    • Oh yeah! This story would definitely be read while hiding your shame from God, under a black veil…lol. I really enjoy writing smut now! But I’m glad you enjoyed it. I might write a pseudo-sequel with the events being flipped. I don’t know. We shall see. Share the smut with your friends and family!


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