I saw my supervisor for the first time in nearly two months yesterday. For various personal reasons our paths just weren’t crossing like you’d expect. I was out for three weeks, then he was out for a time. The logistics just weren’t matching up.

So he shows up at the very end of my shift. He does his “rounds,” visiting with my colleagues and then finally ends up at my desk. We exchange the obligatory greetings and then he jumps right into it. He starts complimenting my work ethic and showering me with praise for doing my job so well. For a bit of exposition, I’ve only been in this position for 58 days. Out of those 58, only 43 of those were work days. I was absent for exactly 15 of those. So after a bit of mathematical magic, it can be determined that I’ve worked a collective 28 days. I’ve worked one full February.

My supervisor is a really nice guy. You can tell that his main love language is “Words of Affirmation,” because he’s so quick to hand out compliments to you, even in situations that don’t call for them. “Your desk is really clean.” “How’d you get your posters so straight, that’s awesome.” I’ve never seen someone highlight a line so straight before.” That’s just who he is.

I’m quitting this job. Not today, but I’m actively seeking other opportunities of gainful employment. After 28 days of working, I don’t want to be here anymore. Truthfully this wasn’t my first choice of occupation when I was promoted, but it was the first to make me an offer. I accepted it solely for the purpose of making more money while I actively search for jobs I’m qualified for.

I know he’s going to take it personally. That’s just the type of guy he is. He tries and tries and thinks being helpful or offering up kind words, is enough to make you waste another four years of your life at a company that doesn’t really care about you. I make really decent money here, but the atmosphere is so toxic that it completely undermines any and all benefits of the job. I play my role decently, but under each line I read as “happy employee number four,” I’m dying of stress and aggravation. And this started way before I was promoted.

I honestly feel bad for him. Right now I’m the only employee with an understanding of Microsoft office in an excel-heavy work environment. When I leave, the quality of the work is going to drop significantly. But that’s not my problem. My problem is finding more money for my personal life.

So, I’m planning to leave—very soon. My supervisor is going to be left to pick up the pieces. I’ll also be taking a two weeks vacation after submitting my two weeks notice. Oops, pow, surprise…sorry.

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