Sick Man’s Log 22-214-1250

So mornings seem to be the worst for me. My cough seems to be strongest then. I suppose that’s because by the time I wake up, the cough potion has worn off. The cough potion is detrimental to a good day for me.

With that said, I coughed up something disgusting this morning. During my morning evacuation of liquid, I coughed up a large red globule that stuck to the interior wall of my toilet. I was able to “stream” it into the larger body of water, but it put up a fight. I imagine that it was the living embodiment of Covid-22. It was like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, that had gained life through my unconscious thoughts of the virus…and I used my stream to defeat it.

I still feel sick. That’s my biggest takeaway. The vitamins and cough potion help fight the symptoms for a while, but ultimately, the sickness is here for a fight. My chest hurts today and I don’t like it at all.

Anyways…that concludes today’s update. I’m going back to sleep.

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