What Next?

The ball dropped nearly 24 hours ago. Most of us celebrated it. Some of us got drunk. Some of us kissed. Some of us engaged in debauchery one last time before starting a clean slate in 2023. But that’s all typical end of the year stuff. What’s next?

I’ve set resolutions in the past. I’ve made plans. I’ve hoped and or prayed for something different. But it seems like every year has brought me, and many others, much of the same.

I honestly don’t give a shit about any new years. I more so like the idea of piggy-backing on an event that already symbolizes transitions, changes, and growth. I do better when I have an excuse to change a bad habit rather than just the want to change it.

Things must be different this time. I won’t be here (this position in life) for another repetitive year. So let’s see what’s next.

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