Ex Erotica (An Adult Themed Short Series : Part 5)

It’s the first Thursday of our first ever scheduled week! I’ll just pat myself on the back for that, because I’ve never been good at creating, nor sticking with my own schedule before. But goddamn it…we are making things happen.

Today marks the very first Thoughts and Things Thursday! On this day we will post short stories, poetry, artwork, and absolutely anything else this sexy mind of mine can fart out onto your dinner plate. I hope you’re hungry.

So without further adieu, welcome to Part 5 of the critically acclaimed, Ex Erotica!

Disclaimer…if you’re new to the short series, you can brush up and read…

PART ONE here.

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Or PART FOUR here.

Now let’s get it going.

Forever, that’s how long it had been since he left my apartment. My legs had stopped shaking hours ago. The remnants of my dried nectar, glazed the inner sides of my thighs. The memory of his tongue and lips had all but faded.

I hated him, again, for the second time in one day. He had broken my heart and left me wanting, again. He took me half-way to heaven with his tongue, and dropped me off at the nearest truck stop and forgot about me. Was I not good? Did he not enjoy his afternoon dessert? Did he not want my mouth on him as much as I craved to have him in it?

I wanted him so bad. I was still biting my lip thinking about his dick in my hands. The weight of it was seared into my brain. I was going to do so much to it, but it was gone.

He had forgotten me. No, h didn’t forget, he was over the idea of me, already. I was a spontaneous event that would never occur to him again—an afternoon delight. I would have to forget him and the amazing moment we shared.

I figured he would fade from my memory all together, until I heard the knock on the door. I shuttered, frozen solid at the implications of the knock. If I opened it and saw that face, I was going to fuck him. My loins moistened in anticipation.

The door knocked again. I stood up, crushing my denim shorts beneath my feet. I slowly crept towards the door, imagining the feel of his thick dick against my tongue. I wanted him so damn bad and I was going to have him.

My womanhood flexed at the sight of him in my doorway and he noticed. He looked right down at her, all exposed brandishing his invitation for entry. He was speechless, but he was there. His maple skin, his scruffy face, he was back, just in different clothes.

“You’re late, Bastion.” I scolded him while staring in his burnt sienna irises. “I told you to come back after work.”

“I really needed a shower,” he said. “Are you mad at me?”

I reached towards his dark blue jeans, unzipping them—no underwear. The thick, coarse scruff of his pubic hair brushed against my wrist as I traced the vein of his penis. I grabbed a handful of his meat and pulled him into the apartment.

I swayed my ass as I walked him to the couch. I could feel him growing in my hands. His dick throbbed as I teased the head with my thumb.

I sat down on the couch, pulling him in front of me. His crotch was right in my face, right where I wanted it. I could finally expose him.

I pulled his cock out and marveled at it as it bounced to its full erection. My lips moistened—both pair. He shivered as I leaned in towards it. I could feel his angst. He wanted everything that he knew I could offer. I obliged.

The feel of his hot, vascular cock was everything I could have ever imagined. The bulbous head polished my lips as I tasted him. I slid my tongue from side to side. His body jumped at the feeling. I kept my eyes closed. I wasn’t ready to see his face as I devoured him. The feel of my lips spreading around his shaft was enough for me. My teeth, slightly grazing his skin as I slid him out, would do for the time being. The savory flavor of his drippings was sufficient for the moment—until it wasn’t.

He started moaning. His body began to sway in syncopation with my head. His moans intensified. I could hear him mumbling under his breath, praising me for the ecstasy I was allowing him to partake in. I needed to see that face of his. I wanted to see him taking my mouth.

My eyes opened to him staring at the roof, mouthing explicatives in silence. He loved it. I sped up, slurping more and more of his dick into my mouth. His balls rocked into my chin as I blew him. I placed one hand over his shaft to steady him. I placed the other on his balls to massage them. He moaned louder for me.

I slid the length of him out of my mouth for a second and lifted his penis up to plant kisses around his thighs. “Hold my head, please. I want you to show me that you really like this.” He looked down at me, stunned. I grabbed his wrist and placed his hand on the top of my head, and proceeded with the task at hand.

I sucked the shit out of him. I fucked him with my jawline, like my tonsils wanted a baby. I twisted my hand around his shaft as I absorbed every ounce of his meat. I massaged his testicles, priming them for their imminent explosion. I licked around the rim of his dick head. I sucked and licked his balls. I did everything I wanted to him, practically begging for his cream.

It was building. He thrusted back and forth into my mouth, spreading the flavor of his member around my oral cavity. My lips kissed against his pendulous manhood. He placed his other hand on my head and took control, fucking my mouth, just missing my gag reflex. He was nearing. He was ready. He was about to cum. But he pulled out of me.


I looked at him with disappointment, panting heavily, trying to catch my breath. I was in heaven. I was about to drink from the rivers of Elysium, but he stopped me.

“What the fuck?! Why didn’t you cum?” I was livid. He looked me right in the eye. His dick was throbbing. It wanted more. I demanded to know why he stopped me. “What the hell?”

He put his finger to my lips, silencing me. He brushed my wild hair from my face, exposing my scowl. He kissed me out of my moment and leaned in to my ear. Then he whispered, “get on your back.”

To Be Continued…

DISCLAIMER : Jae is definitely trying to get you to masturbate to his story. Do you see how vivid he described that fellatio? What a freak…lol. You should know that although this short series started out as a challenge, Jae enjoys being a perv so much that he continued the story well after the challenge was met.

With all that said, please remember that this is an original piece of fiction created and copyrighted in 2019 by Jamale Davis. All rights are reserved by him.


  1. Wow!!!! What a delicious treat of a story
    I must say this made me very hot and ready to taste. I am loving it. I applaud you on how you have brought 1 through 4 together to make a nice sloppy mess of someone….I mean if they choose to get themselves there lol
    I will accept this challenge of yours and I can’t wait to read the next episode


    • I’m currently toying with a direction to take these two for the next part of the tale. I really want to explore my descriptive powers in the next two chapters. I’m gonna try to turn the heat up to a thousand!


      • Well, guess what? I thought while I was reading the earlier posts…”Why didn’t he try to do erotica a little while longer, because he was good at it.” But I figured I’d get banned and TTR would not accept my post. Oh well…I thought TTR liked “thoughts”. lol


      • Hey! The Thought Renaissance hates thoughts…lol. Nah…thoughts are welcome. But we prefer for you to comment on the actual post at least!

        Liked by 1 person

      • This was very alluring and well done. I enjoyed how you delayed the “erotic foreplay” to provide scrumptious details that provided much for the imagination of everyone who reads. There were a few things, amiss…but…carry on…The challenger is awaiting another Ex-Erotica experience…I need three more episodes of this! Satisfaction incomplete! *maniacal laughter*


      • “You gave abrupt criticism and then refuse to elaborate.” That’s all Jae could hear in his head as he reread the despicable comment. What was his next move? He pondered in silence.

        Liked by 1 person

      • We discussed the amiss…and I thoroughly enjoy THIS particular short series. I am encouraged by your dedication to have scheduled posts. Ex-erotica inspires me to perhaps try my hand at writing something other than the macabre…vampires, murder and mayhem, perhaps you have inspired a new, bright and shiny thing, this genre has brought to me…perhaps I may have something sensual to provide an audience. Thank you!


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