Ex Erotica (An Adult Theme Short Series : Part 2)

Peach Cakie2BEFORE YOU READ: This is part 2 of an original short series. To view the first part please visit MY LAST POST.

His voice raked up the small of my back, causing me to drop the crumbled envelopes on the ground. I could feel the deep vibrato of his words moving around my hips crawling down the front of my shorts. My craving for the man was beginning to leak out of me.

“I’m sorry. Were you saying something to me?” His voice carved another path between my legs. “I had my headphones in. I wasn’t trying to being rude.” Every word of his followed in the footsteps of those that came before, just a few inches below my navel.

He was gorgeous. His fine masculine features were sculpted out of a single slab of mahogany-–polished mahogany, the expensive stuff. His raven beard sat under a set of thick, bitable lips. His jeans were thick with dirt, but his flawless, muscular hands were clean from hiding in his work gloves. His moistened chest peered over his white “beater,” tucked away under another layer of a white a red button down shirt. God, he was fine as hell. And his eyes, those bright brown eyes, they were waiting for a response while I sexually assaulted him in my head.

He spoke again. “I’m so sorry. I was just hiding from this sun for a little break. Did I scare you?”

“Oh, hell no.” I dialed it back. “No, I just didn’t think anybody would be using the mailboxes to relax.” I lied. He laughed.

“Nah, while we are tearing up your neighborhood, I usually just come and sit in the shade for my breaks.”

“Oh no, it’s fine.” He was really fine. “It’s totally cool.” He was so cool. “I know it gets hot.” He was making me extremely hot. I could feel the warmth growing between my thighs for him. If I had stood still long enough, he would’ve seen it running down my leg. I was beyond turned on. I could feel my nipples standing at attention under my camisol. I knew he could see them. There wasn’t a bra to hide that reaction.

I reached down to pick up the envelopes, hoping he’d take the time to look down my shirt-–my honey trap. I was the one that ended up being ensnared. I made the mistake of looking up from the ground only to be met by the thick meatie lump in his jeans. He was hard and it was throbbing. I don’t know if my titties did the trick or if he could tell I wasn’t wearing any panties under my shorts, but his penis was beckoning for me to come closer. I shivered at the thought of it. I wanted that thing in my hands right there. I wanted to feel his heart beat through it. I wanted to exchange heat with it. I bit my lip as more nectar slid into the fibers of my shorts. He had me. If he wanted to bend me over in front of the mailboxes, he could’ve. I wouldn’t have fought. I silently encouraged it, but he couldn’t hear.

What was I supposed to do. There I was, a waterfall, staring at the serpent that needed to swim in me. I wanted to grab at it so bad, but I had to maintain my composure. I collected the last envelope off the ground and jumped back up to my feet, making sure my breasts bounced for him. I turned around and locked my mailbox, bending over lower than what was necessary. He kept watching, I pulled at the waist of my shorts, making sure he could see my ass jiggle a little. I could hear him say “damn” in his mind.

“Are you thirsty? I can bring you some water or something.”

“Oh no, I’m good. I ain’t trying to have you running in and out in this heat. Thanks though.”

I wasn’t giving up. “Boy, you are okay. I live right there. Come get some water before you pass out.”

He laughed. “Okay.” I got him.

I lead him up the stairs, making sure to keep my booty at his eye level. I wanted him extra hard before I got him the apartment. He stood in the living room while I disappeared into the kitchen. “You want a towel or something? I know you be sweating out there.”

“I’m already about to drink your water and now you want me adding to your laundry?” I laughed harder than I intended and brought him two bottles of water and a fresh towel. “Thank you.”

I watched as he wiped sweat from the exposed portion of his chest and his arms. I could’ve licked it away for him, but I was waiting for an invitation. He sat the towel down and started drinking one of the waters. He crushed the bottle in his hands as he drank. Why the hell was that sexy to me? A small bead of sweat ran down from his hair line to his beard. I immediately picked up the towel and put it to his face, dabbing it away. He stopped drinking and looked at me while I wiped his beard with the towel. He knew. He knew exactly why I lured him to the apartment. He knew my entire plan in that moment. I was caught red handed. I could only do one thing in that moment. I put my hand right on that throbbing lump of his and squeezed. He let out a deep breath, and grabbed my wrist.

To Be Continued…

Wanna jump right to chapter 3? CLICK HERE!!!


DISCLAIMER : Jae is new to the erotica genre. He apologizes if anything that you have read thus far has been offensive or unpleasing to you, the readers. This story was written for a challenge from someone he really cares about, but if you get your rocks off while reading it, you’re totally welcome. Just leave a comment and tell us all about it.

With that said, this is an original piece of fiction created and copyrighted in 2019 by Jamale Davis. All rights are reserved by him.


  1. Love a leading lady who takes matters into her own hands *pun intended* lol. Thank you for continuing this series, I can’t wait to see how our leading lady unfolds…lol okay enough of the bad puns for me, but you keep it up!


    • Lol…I’m currently plotting a course to the most devious sexual activity I can think of…lol. I want this to be so erotic…that pornhub decides to cut me a check.


  2. Off the bat…love the photo that you have attached to this post and my, your erotica posts are fire. Awesome work. You really have a great point of view for the female character…I feel like I almost know her in certain moments. The visuals is kindred to experiences shared somewhere in this life. For me, you are doing a believable job with the point of view. I’m pleasantly surprised. 🙂 Your choice of words to describe certain aspects of sexuality and bodily functions, such as the “nectar”, “a waterfall” with “serpents” swimming in them…the imagery was enticing and tickled me some. Very good work! Have you written erotica before? First run? Oh and are you going to have several parts to this erotica series or will you create other series with erotica in different points of view?


    • Well thanks for the love, Hetheru! I’ve dabbled in erotica, but never got more than a few lines into them before I gave up. I’m glad to see that my attempt is getting more encouragement this time around.
      And my female lead characters unlike anyone I’ve ever come across. She’s more of just a conjugation of sexual thoughts and alluring ideas. She is pretty much writing herself as the story progresses.
      I’m hoping to do maybe 3 to 5 more parts to this story. After all, I am trying to write a book in real life too. Once the sexual gratuity is over, I plan to do more stories including erotica somewhere down the line. I wish more people would comment so I can know that my writings are entertaining to more than just 1 person…lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      • This one person is the best! Ok. Right. Well I do not know of many black male authors that write erotica…and actually, this is encouraging me to research…but I much rather see where you are taking this character on her…pleasurable journey.


      • My short stories are meant to be seen as filler episodes in ongoing stories. I’m sure my female lead will appear in other tales in the future, but for now…she exists simply to give you guys an entertaining hard on, I mean story…lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you. I’m gonna continue to bring the heat with these short stories. If we could just make the world horny at the same time…all of our problems would be solved.

        Liked by 1 person

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