Ex Erotica (An Adult Themed Short Series : Part 3)

Dragon Fruit Cakie2BEFORE YOU READ: This is part 3 of an original short series. To view the chapter 1, please visit PART ONE. To view chapter 2, please visit PART TWO.

His grip tightened around my wrist as he let out another deep breath. I had him. I had his throbbing member in my hand and it was growing, stretching further downwards into his pants. I watched it force my fingers apart, making room for itself against my palm. I wanted to see it. I wanted to get it outside of his jeans. I wanted to lay eyes on it. I wanted to feel it.

I looked back up at him. I stared into his eyes as I stroked the denim laced fruit that stood strong between his thighs. As I massaged him, his mouth gaped open, exposing the top row of his teeth. He loved what I was doing to him. His grip on my wrist tightened a bit more, this time pull my hand closer, silently requesting that I kept going.

I released him, and slowly walked my fingers up his jeans to reach his zipper. I could tell he wanted more. I leaned forward, planting my mouth against his. I lingered there, waitng for his lips to engage mine. I didn’t have to wait long. He passionately pressed against my mouth, lingering to suck my top and bottom lips one after the other. I played with his zipper, forcing it down to enter his pants. His breathing intensified when my finger reached inside his boxers. I slide my tongue across his top lip as I moved in and grabbed his penis. My thumb rubbed acrossed the prominent veins of it, imagining the feeling it would give me while stroking me from the inside. My knuckles grazed the course fuzz of his testicles. I wanted them against my body, too. The warmth of his cock traveled up my arm and down between my legs, sharing its arousal with me. I wanted more than a touch. I had felt him in my hand for far too long. I needed more.

I unsheathed what could only be described as a girthy mahogany tusk. It was mesmerizing and it stood up so strong. It sprung from his zipper and thrusted right into my body, pushing me back a bit. It pressed against my stomach as we continued to kiss. My shorts moistened further. I surveyed his member blindly, mentally seeing it in its entirety with just my hands. It was beautiful to me, unseen, but already a work of art. I pulled my face away from his to look down at it. I saw heaven in the form of that man’s cock. I wanted it more than ever. I tried to move in closer. I wanted to worship it the way a dick like that deserved, but he stopped me.

He put his hands on my waist and held me in front of my couch. “Sit down.” His deep voice thundered into my coochie. I had to obey. I sat down, my face right in front of his god-like cock. I could feel its power. I wanted to devour it, but I sat there, impatiently awaiting my next order.

He kneeled down in front of me. I could hear the weight of his penile oak tree thump against my carpet. It made me leak into my already soaked shorts. He tugged on them. pulling them down to my thighs and then further until they reached my ankles. He forced my legs apart, giving him a full view of my cake. He paused and stared at it.

The silence made me nervous. He didn’t seem nearly as interested in what I carried between my legs as I was about what he had between his. I closed my eyes in shame. Every negative thought about that moment started rushing in. He didn’t want it anymore. He thought it was ugly. It smelled. Before the thoughts could persist, his hands were on my hips, sliding me to the edge of the couch where his face was waiting, preparing to bury itself between my thighs.

To Be Continued…

Wanna jump right to chapter 4? CLICK HERE!!!

DISCLAIMER : Jae is really enjoying writing this erotic short series. It is putting his writing chops to the ultimate test. He asks that you not only like the story, but also leave a comment to let him know your thoughts about it. In addition to leaving your thoughts in the comment section, he’d also like for you to invite a friend that enjoys erotica to check out this short series.And just remember, this story was written for a challenge from someone he really cares about, but if you get your rocks off while reading it, you’re totally welcome. Just leave a comment and tell us all about it.

With all that said, this is an original piece of fiction created and copyrighted in 2019 by Jamale Davis. All rights are reserved by him.


  1. Well… I have to say, I really enjoy the dichotomy of the leading lady’s personality in that split second. Made her seem much more real by expressing vulnerabilities that everyone could have before coitus. I hope the story continues to show all sides of her. I’m curious as hell to see how this bold action plays out in her life….love or just a one in a lifetime experience…. telll me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying the story. This character was intended to be used in a short story capacity. I never planned to give her much more of an arc than that. I’ve purposely left her and her partner unnamed to keep the readers from wanting more than a short story typically offers. I have her entire bio in my head, but I’m not quite sure the world needs to know it at this time. Please keep following the story and leaving these dope ass comments though.


      • The fact that they remain nameless is actually a nice touch…even though names can define a person and I wanna name them, I get it! The leading lady and her midday snack could be anyone and everyone. I love it and I do hope you continue to create stories that let us in that nugget.


      • That’s my goal! I want to create ultra engaging stories that continues to pull my readers back in for more! Thanks for the confidence booster!


  2. Now to comment on your writing of this erotica. This thing has gotten very detailed, the imagination is working in places…well, I’m glad I’m not reading it in a room full of people. I’d be blushing. I am blushing. I don’t know where you are getting your source material from, but it’s working out absolutely well for you. The point of view play on the end where the female character opens up about her own insecurities about her yoni was very realtime for some of us females. Most women, were not raised to believe that their yoni was “beautiful, desirable (not positively)…etc. Most of the time, even in my upbringing the yoni was something to hide most of the time. Something that can lead to having children and that was it. Of course, it was said to keep it protected and clean, but my mother did not feel that it was necessary to feel “confident” or that it was sensual about that part of a woman’s anatomy. In saying all of that, I enjoyed your erotic series, but It was as though you had the private insight into a woman’s mind. Thank you again. Keep writing the series, I am enjoying it entirely.


    • I appreciate your thoughts on my writing. Truthfully, I haven’t based my character or anything off of anyone I know. I mean…she borrowed a phrase here and there, but her behavior, her insecurities, her aggression, that’s all from my mind. I actually second guess everything I write before posting. I don’t know the female mind. I don’t know what goes through it. I’m simply writing what I think my created person would do and say. Nothing more. She could also be my fantasy woman..lol. There really isn’t a way to tell. Oh well…I guess I’ll just keep writing about her and trying to find her in my dreams at night…lol.

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  3. First off…that photo you posted is very very sensual, I’d like to take a bite. I will comment on the story in a little bit, but let’s talk about the photography and what it is implying…Dragon fruit, the fuchsia color on the inside peeping out. Perfect photo for your exotic erotica post, being that this post is revealing the loins of the character. I love that it coincides with your post perfectly. Thanks for that. Sharing your talents to give a deep impression.


    • When I snapped the pic, I realized just how erotic it actually looked. So I played around with the colors, brightened the dragonfruit, and boom…fruit porn.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I love fruit photography! You really turned this thing inside out and it ROCKS! You are really good at bring out the fruit in that way. Provide more original photography for your posts, I love the art!


  4. Okay now!!! You’re gonna stop with these cliffhangers! Lol i love how u described this man! Like omg! Can i have one of him! I applaud you. This is just amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahaha…it’s so funny, because the first draft of chapter 3 actually went through the cliffhanger onto two other sex acts, but I felt that it was too long to be a short story blog post. So it’s part of part 4 now. I’m gonna try to post part 4 no later than Tuesday evening. If you are enjoy the posts so far, please follow the page so you can get alerted to when the next one drops. I’m planning this erotica to be about 10 parts, each one getting dirtier than the last. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it so far though.

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