Sick Man’s Log 22-212-1400

It’s been three days since my diagnosis. My self imposed quarantine is still in progress and I’m starting to feel…lonely.

So far I’ve missed work, my nieces birthday party, an invite to an outing with a friend, and just about everything else that sits on the other side of my prison cell door. I’m generally an antisocial creature, but I was actually looking forward to those events…even work. I just started the job three weeks ago, and I’m already about to miss a whole week.

I’m currently full of DayQuil and enough vitamins to help me carry a baby full term. The vitamin gummies that my brother sent me are absolutely delicious, so on top of surviving this viruses, I’m also having my willpower tested to see if I can fight the urge to eat these vitamins like a bag of Haribo yummy bears.

I’ve slept approximately 8 hours today, so far—5:30am to 2:00pm. My stomach feels like there’s a small fire in it right now, but I’m certain that’s just the DayQuil going to battle with my innards. My head still feels like I’m underwater. Basically, not much has changed since yesterday.

My previous experience with Covid-22 was a lot easier. Although I tested positive for nearly 3 weeks straight, the symptoms didn’t bother me nearly as much. The putrid slime dripping from my right nostril is probably the most annoying. Imagine my pillow after these naps.

Anyways, I’ll continue to monitor myself as the virus progresses through my body over the next couple of days. Until I either defeat it, or succumb to it, I’ll stay quarantined from the rest of the world. Godspeed, Spider-Man.

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