So, today, I woke up with the upbeat motivation of a caterpillar and the raw animal vigor of a sloth. I am determined to become a beautiful fucking butterfly at the most relaxed pace possible—sloth paced. I can feel the cocoon of accomplishment slowly spooling around me with all its silk-like tendrils. Today should be something special.

You ever feel like the universe just injected with a hot cup of coffee that was extracted from experimental beans that were treated with gamma radiation inside a lab that sat on the corona of the sun? Because if so, I can’t relate to your energetic ass. I just feel like someone poured a bit of lithium in my Red Bull. I’m slowly charging. I’ll get to full power eventually, but until then, my usb-c cable is tucked neatly into my port, right up in the crevice of my left arm pit.

Today is going to be different. Today is going to be grand. Today I’m no longer a wiener. Today I shall become a man. (A Poem for Your Ass) In all seriousness, I feel like something wonderful is hidden within the minutes of the next 12 hours. I hope I spot it. Sometimes my human apathy comes into play and I end up missing the events that are occurring around me, but I’ll try my hardest to stay diligent, today. Here’s hoping that you do the same and you end up “carpe’ing” some “diem.” Manifest that good shit!!!

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