Monday (Part 2)

So my attempt to manifest good things didn’t work out. It’s not that the day turned out to be bad, it just didn’t turn out to be good and amazing. Granted, I still have an hour and a half worth of work left, and I still have the several hours of bullshitting waiting for me when I leave here, but I can’t say the day has been good. It’s just been. It’s just been a time of existing in a state of neither good or bad. Work has been purgatory.

Ultimately, purgatory isn’t the worst place my job could manifest itself as, but I’m shooting more for a paradisiacal wonderland of enjoyment and fun. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but you wouldn’t believe what it makes Jae—a zombie.

I wish I could read my coworkers minds sometimes. Some of them seem to enjoy our time here, while others seem a bit more like me…just existing within the confines of the purgatory. It would be nice to know for sure though. Maybe I’m the only person on team “it sucks here.”

For the time being, I suppose I’ll just continue my sentence like a good prisoner. Its supposed to rain super hard in about an hour and I’m a little excited about that. At least there’s that. I can be excited about something. I still have four more days of this shit.

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