This week is starting off on a low note. Heavy clouds and a dense gloom have been choking out the sunlight all weekend, and it seems the grip isn’t loosening any time soon. Thunderstorms are wonderful, and I love them, but they don’t necessarily inspire happy thoughts and motivational speeches. Sleep—they inspire sleep and sleep is the last thing I’m trying to do.

This week has promise. Right now it feels like today is a rusty chain wrapped pirate’s chest, filled with all kinds of wonderful booty to rub…I mean collect. I just have to put for the effort to bust a nut…I mean bust the lock on it and eat all the gold stuff from inside. I’m pretty sure that’s how treasure works. I’ve never actually read any pirate books.

My efforts will be placed on keeping my head up and digging up all the booty I can muster, for a grand “come-up” of exemplary proportions. I’m pretty sure I can do some great things when I put my mind and hands to it. I’ve just been chronically apathetic, watching all the booty float right past me. Never let good booty go to waste. A pirates life is the life for me. These analogies got all fucked up, but shit…be motivated and let’s get it!

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