The End of the Weak

It’s Friday. I’ve been a colossal wuss this week. My little feelings got hurt so I crawled into my nest and nursed my wounds in the comfort of my blog. I was defeated by a simple spell of six words spilling from an accented tongue.

But it’s Friday. Fuck them words, fuck that spell, and fuck those feelings. I’m so sick of giving a shit. I declare this day, “Fuck That Friday.” Fuck any and everything that was designed against me (us [the readers]). Hateful words designed to get under your skin; fuck em. Bullshit situations established to weaken your resolve; fuck em. Another general statement depicting something of a negative nature; fuck that! All weapons that are formed against us, we shall treat them like a hole in a couch cushion…and fuck it!

It is the end of the weak. We have cast off our jelly shell, exposing the tungsten armor plating surrounding our supple meat. We are now unstoppable. Everything can get fucked!

Pardon the colorful use of language in this blog, but this is me hyping myself up before walking into the office today. Work is about to start…and that means the “fuck that” is about to clock in. Let’s get it! Consider this your affirmation for the weak!

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