An Absence of Words

I’m drawing a blank, today. I have plenty of thoughts floating around , but no clever way of twisting them into the entertaining musings I typically supply. The things in my head right now, aren’t anything special. They’re just more of my incessant broodings and bickerings about bullshit that shouldn’t matter.

I’m a lot like a game of Jenga being played by a bunch of intoxicated seniors. I feel like the things around me are poking and prodding, trying to play me, but I could fall apart at any moment. I feel like stale, room temperature coffee. I’m just a big ol cup of “blah.”

I imagine that others get in these moods from time to time, so I’m not putting too much stock into my sadness. People get over this everyday and I know I’m not weaker than “people.”

I’m not gonna lie…this post is a direct reflection of my current mood and I hate it. I hate everything about this blog, this moment, and this mood. If you happen to be one of the two unfortunate people who will see this, please feel free to tear me a new one in the comment section. Or shit…ignore the post completely and go find something better to do. Maybe I’ll masturbate with some hot sauce. Maybe a little abuse will help me feel something worth feeling. Just kidding…hot sauce is too precious to me for that.

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