Something Magical

I’ve been considering pursuing some new interests as of late. It’s been weighing heavy on my mind for weeks now. To put it in perspective, its almost all I think about these days. I’ve got a cornucopia of different things bouncing around my mind that I really need to let out. It’s like a collection of spells or something. There’s a bunch of incantations, sitting on the outer limits of my mind like inactive runes, waiting to be cast.

I’m not a conceited person. Truthfully there’s not very much I actually like about myself. I don’t think I’m very remarkable in any particular area. But one thing I do hold an irregular amount of confidence in, is my creativity, and I brandish that shit like sorcerers magic sword. I pretend that my tongue is emblazoned with the syntax of deities beyond literary comprehension and that it holds the power to bestow spells of cyclonic force unto my extended digits just for me to scribble what the ancient Kemetic people called, Hekau, words of power, into tales of wonder. And lately, that untapped force has been attempting to escape out of me like a deviant genie, endeavoring to create something without the permission of its master.

It’s all very exciting. I can barely keep my panties dry. However, I have one fundamental problem. The demon of procrastination has successfully attached himself to me and I can’t seem to shake him. I’ll be so ready to create magic only to be weighed down by the lackadaisical beast of chilling, aptly named, “Jestrillox.” He’s a powerfully lazy bastard.

Jestrillox is me. I can’t deny it. I’m the lazy demon. It seems that I am my own worst enemy. But even with all these tribulations standing in my path, I’m still excited for my spell. It’s a summoning spell, a strong one, too. I’m getting prepared to call forth something so wonderful, that the other dimension that I’m stealing it from might just try to take it back. The other dimension can go sit on a ham sandwich and lick an onion ring though. This is mine!


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