An Unexpected Payment-Driven Post

So this morning I woke up, ready to carpe the diem and “live más,” right out of the bed. I got up bright eyed and bushy tailed, as my mom used to say. I was ready to take on all comers—giggity.

I left the house and reached the parking lot of my job. I had a bit of time before my shift started, so I randomly decided to send off a few emails and inquiries, and maybe make a purchase or two before I clock in. I unlocked my T-Mobile Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max and proceeded to the email app. The moment my thumb depressed from the ceramic, OLED screen, my heart jumped. WordPress had charged me my annual fee for renewing this site and my domain name.

Now yes, this is an annual fee, meaning that it was schedule years ago when I first started “” A more responsible adult would have seen the payment and just moved on. I, however, ain’t responsible. And it’s safe to say that I ain’t even a stinking adult. I’m more like a 20th year teenager. So I was a bit perturbed at the unexpected withdrawal.

So with that said, I need more content! I need more readers! I need more eye catching posts to grab ahold of the masses and bring them to my site. So this is my lackadaisical first attempt at continuing the slow growth of the TTR Community.


How about a quickie?

Just know that you’re going to have a good day today. It doesn’t matter if you’re at work, in the car, at home, or just out and about, today is gonna be a good day.

That was an attempt at a quickie affirmation. I know you liked it.

Anyways, stand by for more amazing content brought to you by the writers, the editors, and the janitorial staff at We love you!

Maybe I’ll start posting some artwork or some photography on here. We shall see.

One comment

  1. I happen to come onto WordPress to post a short poem, not knowing my favorite writer posted today! I quickly clicked to get my jolt of epic affirmation and was delighted! Suddenly, my smile relaxed…i want more!


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