Before I Walk In

“Deep breaths. These people can’t hurt you.” This is the mantra I recite every morning before I walk in the building. My heart doubles it’s pace when I think of navigating the halls with these monsters. “Your mind is overclocked, processing information faster than your body can feed it data. You do this every week.” My anxiety maxes out around this time.

I don’t like it here. There was a time when I actually enjoyed coming to work. Now it gives me the feeling of walking through a rotted forest, filled with vermin, vermin with bowel problems. But my choices are limited. I either fight my way through the devil’s garden, or die of starvation.

It’s Monday. The “week long beast” has had two days to prepare its gauntlet for my return. My sword and shield have dulled considerably over the last few months and I’m getting low on whetstones, but this is the norm. I have confidence in my ability to triumph, but I fear my days are numbered. I need to learn magic.

I need to learn a few magic words to aid me in this battle. I need to find some spell to make this place less powerful. I need to find something.

Until then, I’ll ready my weapon and drudge through putrid battlefield. I’ll cut the head off this hydra as I’ve done a hundred and fifty times before. I’ll stand above its dropping maw as I wait for it to resurrect again. I’ll win, until I don’t have to anymore.

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