Bad Omen

I left the house this morning, without making my bed. If you guys recall from a previous post, I’ve been trying to start positive routines to help switch my mindset to a more positive status. Making my bed was step one of my daily routine. Today I skipped out on it.

I’m already starting to feel the signs of betraying my new pattern. I forgot my water and peach today, so my breakfast was coffee. I got to work 8 minutes later than usual. And I’m currently watching my coworker suck the dill flavoring off of sunflower seeds before spitting the shells into a styrofoam cup. None of this may seem like a big deal, but I’ve grown accustomed to drinking water in the morning, being to work 30 minutes early, and listening to my coworkers chat about their mutual dislike for the government while rubbing their hands together like hungry flies at a barbecue. Things are off.

Neglecting my bed has set off a butterfly effect. My unkempt nest has given way to a ripple that’s subtly changing my daily routine. I wouldn’t be surprised if people start eating each other by the time I clock out this afternoon. There is power in the routine, therefore there must be power in breaking it. I’m sure that math checks out.

But I guess there are a few things I can still appreciate not turning sour under my broken routine. My shoes aren’t eating my socks, today, so that uncomfortable “cloth below the heel,” feeling isn’t present. My car didn’t have any scorpions in it this morning and that’s always a blessing. And, the stupid sun is covered behind a murder of clouds. I’m using the term murder to describe the clouds as a group of crows that are completely disrespecting the scarecrow that is the sun. Fuck suns. Bless clouds.

Despite all of this, I suppose further study is necessary to see how maintaining, and subsequently breaking, my new pattern affects my surroundings in the long run. I admit that I may have jumped the gun trying to quantify an outcome to an unfinished equation. Until then I’ll just find a way to enjoy how much my actions affect this fickle world of mine. The experiment goes on.

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