Positive for Negativity

I hate it here. I tried being all smiley and happy, but wearing a mask all day is bad for my skin. Everything sucks and if history repeats itself, it will continue to suck.

I spent 90% of my weekend in bed…asleep…avoiding the sun and people. I know that’s a sign of depression, but I think I’m more unhappy than depressed. I’m more upset than sad. Something needs to change.

I’ve lost all motivation. I’m a husk. I feel like I’m in a cage looking towards a sky I’ll never reach. I look at my computer with ideas, but no will to write. My bed’s unmade, again. My floor is cluttered. I’m a mess.

What do I do? What can I do!? How the fuck do you guys keep going?

Ugh! This sucks. I need to escape. I’m lost as hell…and I hate it.

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