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I met a new enemy today. He’s a dragon. Well, he’s more like a iguana that gets drunk off of gasoline and matchstick heads, but he’s trying. I doubt if he’ll succeed and become something worth killing, but he’s achieved the rank of minor annoyance so far.

Today he stood in front of me. That may not seem like much to most people, but they’ve probably never been exposed to the ass of an iguana for more than five minutes. His little tail kept swatting the floor, kicking up warehouse dust in the most disgusting of manners. I don’t have any allergies, but that’s besides the point. Who wants warehouse dust all over their Covid mask? However, if I had just slit his throat right then and there, I would’ve been the one in the wrong.

I’ve already created at least six different scenarios on how to end him. Four of those scenarios result in his death, but only two of them will keep me out of prison. The life of being a dragon slaying sex Knight is exhausting. One moment you’re pleasuring your exotic damsel, the next you’re lopping off lizard heads and drinking “frappacinos.”

It’s obviously another slow day in the “writersverss,” but I trust this was interesting enough to keep you invested. The iguana is still here, but I’m running out of things to say that won’t be considered proof of premeditated murder. He can keep his tail for now.

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  1. Totally dig the feature photography, though it doesn’t correlate to what the blog was about…but after reading about your premeditated murder sequence, I wanted to go back and get lost in the tree photo. Thanks for sharing…your thoughts…lol


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