An Affirmation for the Week

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” That’s that the type of motivational shit we teach ourselves to get used to. No matter what, you have the remainder of your existence ahead of you. You can continue to get better. You can continue to evolve. You can continue to move forward. But I’m no longer content with this colloquialism! I think we can do better.

My issue with the phrase is that it completely discounts what got you this far. “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Yesterday was nothing. All of its mistakes and failures are behind you. You can try harder today, without yesterday hanging over your head. That’s cowshit. I feel that those mistakes and failures are just as important as the progress you’ll be making today and beyond. So I challenge us all to change the statement! Do not discount the footprints that lead you here, for it was those steps that kept you pointed in the direction you face today.

“Today is the last day you’ll be this version of yourself!” This is a much better phrase. It acknowledges what you have endured and what you are, but it also sets the groundwork for the upgrade that you are currently becoming. You are slowly building your experiences to become the grand version of yourself—The All-You. Today I recognize that I am Jae 34.321. Tomorrow I will upgrade to Jae 34.322. And one day, I’ll become The All-Jae, a cosmic level force that will reshape this reality beyond recognition with nothing more than my mind, a pencil, maybe a burger or some hot wings or something, and plenty of magic!

Start seeing yourself as an experience in the making. You’re slowly building to your debut…and that debut is going to be fucking amazing!

I can see you. I can see what you’re becoming. And yes, I’m rather impressed.


  1. ::sings:: Animaaaationsss…will arise…in our lives!! Okay, now that’s living rent free in my head, I am loving this type of affirmation from you! While I do appreciate the outdated saying, you have refreshed and added a little bit of Jae spice. Bring on All-Jae


    • You have to put the “The,” in front of “All-Jae.” Its a whole thing…I don’t want to fight about it…lol. But I’m glad you enjoyed today’s motivational moment! I try to be more of a beacon of hope and creative, than an asshole of sarcasm and crude language. I believe a struck a nice even balance with this post.


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