A (Short) Affirmation for the Week

Merry New Week, Everybody!

I’m back with some random words of encouragement for the scrubs in the back. I originally wrote this for a friend, but I felt it could be redirected to the masses and still spark the same intense feelings.
So consider this. There is nothing in this world that has been designed to be as complex, involved, or as intricate as you are. You may share 99.9% of your DNA with that asshole you’re sitting beside, but the amount of customization that went into YOU was expertly crafted and placed within you, for you, and only you! So remember that no matter what you come across, there is nothing that can top your special, dwarf your originality, or best your uniqueness. You’re the shit, you should walk around with pampers on you…lol.
Have an amazing day and know that someone thought about you enough to write this specifically for you! You rock…and sometimes roll…but I’m impressed by both…so keep up the good ass work.

“Just do it! Kinda out of context, but shit, it’s Monday.” — Jae Davis

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