Setback Minora

Well, on top of all the crazy wonderful obstacles I’ve had pleasantly lain before me this week, a reader has supplied what could only be considered, the coup-de-gras! Admittedly, this is something that a bit of research (a simple google search) or a little common sense (thinking) could’ve prevented, but neither of those options were employed at the time of the mistake and now we find ourselves here.

So way back on October 1st, 2018, we posted AN AFFIRMATION FOR THE WEEK, our first to be exact. In that post we attempted to tell the readers that they were something so special that a name hadn’t even been coined to describe them, yet. We then proceeded to give a name to those special readers. We called them “squovals ,” something that we had never heard of in the real world and thus considered completely new and original. We were wrong. Thanks to a reader by the name of Hetheru_Mer_Djehuty, we now know that the term “squoval” was coined by the beauty industry in 1984 and is actually used to describe the style of manicure used on the fingernail you see at the top of this page. That particular style of shaping went on to become the most requested manicure shape of all time, because of its versatility. It can be worn in the fashion world as well as in a business setting.

So basically, we told people that they are as special as the most common manicure style in the world. Damn. I’m certain some of you are looking at your thumb floating above your phone and thinking, “hmmm, so that’s what this shape is called.”

So now my team is scrambling for damage control. This gross misconception of the usage of the word “squoval” goes beyond The Thought Renaissance. The entire reason my first affirmation used that term is because it was going to be found in the book I planned to publish, CENSORED CENSORED FROM CENSORED CENSORED.” (the title is not for public consumption, yet)

So now, not only do I need to provide a new Affirmation for the Week, for all those that need in back in October 2018, but I have to rewrite key areas of my book.

A minor setback. Now watch my whole story fall apart due to this one rewrite.

“Now let’s take all those mistakes we made, and make them trees. Yeah, they’re trees now.” — Bob Ross


  1. Say WHAAAAAAAATTTT? LOL How dare you accuse me of such a thing? I’m over here, in the dark corner of the room, in front of this glowing laptop screen, lol-ing like a villainous hacker…Dude, you will not have to re-write anything, the word adds to the charm of that post. I totally love the way you put it in context, it totally matched the concept you was trying to convey at that time. And that’s why I pointed that out, because we love words so much that when a word materializes in our minds, we then utter them and feel that perhaps this is best fitting at the moment. I know you have had the moment where you used a word and asked yourself, “does this word even exist” or “is this a real word?”. Then turns out…it is, but we love words so much that it just comes natural to us.

    Writing and story-telling is natural for you. That’s one of the beautiful aspects I love about you. Continue what nature calls up within you, continue providing your ideas, values, humor, conceptualities…you have the audience’s ear and eyes. We love you out here! Continue to work your majic (I write the word like this on purpose) and conjure! Thanks for sharing!


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