An Affirmation for the Week

Jamale, Portrait of Jamale Davis (Partial)

Well, it’s the beginning of the work week for most of us. Time to put away those weekend toys and put on those shoes that look terrible when they get a crease in them. So before you start up that car, or hail that Uber, or catch that bus, just remember, you are not a piece of shit.

You are not garbage. You aren’t some throw away thing. You’re better than that. You’re a recyclable. You’re something that can be of use over and over again. You have value. You have the ability to give back to this planet. You’re awesome as hell.

As a matter of fact, you’re even better than that. You’re something so special, it hasn’t even been given a name yet. Let’s give it a name. You’re a…hmmm…you’re a “squoval!” Yeah, and believe me when I say this. That’s some next level shit.

So you take your “squoval” ass to that job, school, bathroom, wherever your week starts and you spread your “squoval” magic all over that bitch. I’m rooting for you.

The wonderful thing about Tiggers, Is Tiggers are wonderful things. — A.A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh, Tigger)


  1. Dude, it is just grand to read your very first affirmation. I see your evolution, but you have that same originality that you have maintained throughout. Keep making up words, I love made up words also, because that is what language is ultimately. Made up words with definitions that are also made up, by someone. You a superSTAR!


  2. So, “squoval” is actually square oval shape design in nail salons. It was coined in 1984…You want me to squoval for you? Squovaling actually sounds se-e…sensual…lol Hope this makes you smile, even a smirk would suffice! lol


    • Well! I suppose we need to post a disclaimer on our site, that both thanks our fans and explains that, we here at The Thought Renaissance, do not accept sensual favors from our readers.
      I really thought I created that word. It’s funny, because it has the exact definition I invisibles for it. Ugh…my originality! MY ORIGINALITY!!!!

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