Let’s Learn Something

So it’s Tuesday, October 1st, and I’m still in a hotel. Its a bit of an adventure, but truthfully, this is weighing heavily on my will to post meaningful content. All I really want to do is complain, but, the BDE is telling me “no.”

So, today I’m going to try something different. Today I’m going to teach you something that you might not actually know. And, if this post proves interesting, I may let this be an ongoing series.

So as a writer, the number one weapon in my arsenal is words. Words are the basic building blocks of sentences, which are the basic building blocks of paragraphs, and so on and so on until you reach a full story. You can never know too many words.

For instance, last week I posted a blog called BLATHERSKITE. Many of you probably looked at the title, read the post, and kept it moving. However, I was hoping to inspire you guys to look the word up. I make it a point to choose my titles, thematically. Blatherskite is a noun. It sounds pretty nonsensical which directly reflects its meaning. It can refer to a person that talks a lot without making much sense, or a nonsensical ramblings. Lewis Carol’s poem, The Jabberwocky, could be seen as blatherskite. The word fits perfectly in my whimsical style of writing.

Another really interesting word is lemniscate. Now this term is typically used in geometry, and we all know that math is t disco enough to be featured on The Thought Renaissance. I however, love to know the proper names of things. If you’ve ever seen the sideways figure-eight, or the infinite symbol, you’ve seen a lemniscate! That’s right, it has a proper name!

So before I leave you to flutter about your day, I’ll give you one more word that you probably didn’t know. Have you ever been reading a comic or watching a cartoon and you see a question mark and an exclamation point right be side each other? This grammatical combo is typically used to convey startled confusion…or as most of us would most likely use it as…a “what the fuck” symbol. This (?!) actually has a proper name. It’s referred to as an interrobang! Any time you’ve looked at something and found yourself to be both surprised and confused, your mine conjured up an interrobang without you even realizing it.

So if any of you readers are also writers, I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you found this random amount of information interesting. If you did, let me know in the comment section. If you didn’t, tell me to “shut the fuck up” in the comment section. Either way, you need to be in the comment section.

Now get the hell out of here, you filthy animals.

“I’m sleepy.” — Jamale Davis


  1. You logiphile you! I like learning new words although I have to admit that my retention of said words seems to be fleeting some days. But! There is a word that I like to say in my mind a lot…absquatulate! Heard it once and loved it! I approve of the ‘Learn Something New’ posts.


  2. The level of education today is rarely interesting. I appreciate this form of information of meanings to words..grammatically symbols and of the Latin background ( I looked up one of the words using google …lol )
    Now instead of taking on this day as I would normally ( tea and crumpets) I’ve got something to think of and a bunch to challenge and expand my thinking capacity…thank you Mr TTE word loving king.

    Also if you would’ve complained today of your rather exciting adventures or non adventurous stay at the hotel still… I’m sure it would’ve led to someone saying
    “Stop crying like a lil Bih and grab the day by the balls and get that BDE all up in you “ lol
    Or it would’ve been an interesting read
    Which ever you chose…this is your blog, do what you want …lol
    Welp, thanks again
    Keep writing and we’ll keep reading and commenting
    BDE day up and out


    • I’m glad you liked this posts. I’d been wanting to do something like this for a while now, but never actually leaned into it hard enough. I have a lot of random and useless facts bumbling around in my head, that some might find entertaining or interesting. I may make this a regular thing. A Let’s Learn Something post where I try to teach the readers something they more than likely have never heard of.
      And as far as my “locked up abroad” situation is going, I have some really funny and random things to tell you guys when it’s finally over. I must admit, have of the things I’ve been through this week we’re not expected in the least bit!


      • I’m looking forward to it sir
        I like learning ….yaaayyy
        Hope you pull out some dope words and even historical characters, stories and stuff
        I like …I like it all
        You’re experiences in life always seem to bring upon a great story and even a lesion here or there too
        Can’t wait to read it


  3. Thank you for teaching me something…But, don’t let being in a hotel be the excuse to not have enough content…you have a lifetime of content and experiences to write on here. I want them all! BDE or not. Sharing is caring!


    • Here at The Thought Renaissance, we post whatever comes to our collective minds. We went over a month without posting, and our offices were still intact. Working out of a hotel has absolutely no influence over whether we post or not. We post whenever we want. Thanks for stopping by though.

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