A Perfectly Timed Affirmation for the Week

So this weekend wasn’t the greatest in the world. Due to a plumbing issue, I was forced to find discomfort in the arms of another domicile–one of the hospitality variety. Most of the time, hotel stays are nice. They are something to look forward to. This was not one of those times.

But I will get into that in another post, once my DISPLACEMENT is over. This post is all about encouragement.

If this weekend has taught me anything, it’s that stress can be a whole bitch, a country one. I’m using “country” the way Shakespeare used it in Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 2, Page 5. But rather than try to determine the method to its madness, it’s best to think past it, when it’s out of your control.

This week I’m determined to get shit done. This week we’re going unplugged. This week we’re running off what the kids are calling BIG DICK ENERGY. Stress ain’t shit when BIG DICK ENERGY is in play.

When you’re running off of BDE, you might notice that you’re owning everything you attempt. Those billing statements, will pretty much process themselves for you. Your supervisor will finally use their supervision and see that you know everything about that job and can do it with your eyes closed. Everything and everyone will conform to your will without you having to say a word. Your BDE will promote a commanding presence, boosting moral from within your “BD.” Its a truly breathtaking energy source.

So if anything, and I do mean anything, tries to thwart your week, just turn the BDE up to the max setting, and fuck your way through that obstacle like a hot dick through butter. That’s pretty much my plan for the next 5 days.

Oh yeah, and today is my kid’s 6th birthday. Happy Birthday, kiddo! Don’t read my blog!!!

“I do a hundred on the highway, so if you do the speed limit, get the fuck out of my way.” — Ludacris


  1. And no, you are not alone. Never alone. That Big Dick Energy (or synergy) may take us through the stressful situations, but how much stress is healthy? Sometimes, you need time to grow and constant stressful situations puts a lot of tension on your gut and torso, where as you get blocked for enjoying life the way it was intended. Nothing grows from stress. Sometimes you can have a competition coming up, or a race or deadline, but constant races back to back will leave you prone to disease and other mental predicaments. I hope that you find some peace in all this displacement, whether if it’s a positive encounter with friends, a book that can keep you focused on spiritual peace or even solace in a peaceful place to reflect on higher things. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and affirmations. Keep writing…everyday!


    • I have to disagree with you on a few different fronts, Hetheru. First, synergy refers to the combination of 2 sources. Big dick energy is indicative of a single source. If I were to summon the power of 2 Big Dicks, this post would’ve fallen under my erotica section…lol. 2 big dicks in synchronization, I’m not certain I’m qualified to write about that.
      And things do grow in stressful situations. Have you ever witness a blade of grass growing through the crust of asphalt? That had to be a stressful quest to reach the sunlight (a positive outcome).
      But I’m certain I’ll find peace at the end of all this. I thrive in chaos, so I’m certain there will be a diamond waiting for me once the dust settles. Plus, what doesn’t kill me, gives me awesome ass ideas to write about on this blog!!!

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      • Well, I was referring to constant stress, I am aware that beautiful and awesome things can grow from stressful situations as I said in my response to the post, it’s that constraint stress which will cause that blade of grass to not repeat another cycle of growth in that portion of asphalt again. I’m not saying, by no measure, that someone cannot strive in stress and come out victorious. I’m sure when the dust has settled for you, you will see all and everything clearly and have rewards in the end. It is not negative to point those things out. I hope everything works out the way that they should for you. Keep up the writing, so we can know how you make out with everything. Lots of love sent your way.


      • I appreciate the concern, but I’m wholly confident in my ability to adapt to my environment and convert it to a good ass tale. Stress can be nourishing to the right, disturbed individual.

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