Clown Monster, Maybe? — Drawn by Jae at age 17

Lewis Carol once wrote a poem called “Jabberwocky” just to prove he could write something that was completely nonsensical. That poem set the tone of “Through the Looking Glass,” the sequel to “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

If you’ve never read it, the basic takeaway is that we should be wary of damn near everything you’ve never heard of. Between Jabberwocks, Jubjub birds, and Bandersnatches, you just couldn’t let your guard down when touring The Land of Wonder.

Roald Dahl, the mind behind The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Charlie and the Chocolate factory, also gave us nonsensical creatures to be afraid of. Hornsnozzlers, Whangdoodles, and Snozzwangers were just a few of the ferocious beasts that used to hunt and eat the Loompaland natives. As terrible as the work conditions must’ve been in that factory of pedicide, the Oompa Loompas had their hands full of murderous encounters in their homeland.

Literature is filled with ruinous creatures with wacky names. Nosferatu the balding vampire, Cthulhu the squid mouthed sky god, Kappa the perverted homicidal turtle monster—they might have funny names, but they should be feared for the mythos that surround them. I however admire them.

I guess I shouldn’t say I admire them as much as I should say I admire their creators. Writers, story tellers, yarn spinners, and liars have contributed some of the most fascinating and fantastical beasts that literature has ever contained. It’s amazing to say the least. The idea that writers can create worlds and beings so memorable is why I wanted to do this–it’s why I wanted to write.

I’m a fan of words, as nerdy as that is to admit, but I’m an absolute whore-ass-groupie when it comes to an unfathomably detailed creation. I just love it. There is a big difference between “the creature looked and sounded like a big dog,” and “the prodigious horror bared jagged black teeth at me as it’s deep barks echoed through the corridor.” News flash, one of those quotes made me horny, the other gave me an inverted penis. Take a guess at which did which.

Every time I hear about a story of Fantastic Beasts, I’m always anxious to learn more about them and to figure out How to Find Them (Ba Dum Ting). It’s what I live for. It’s one of my biggest motivators to finishing up my first book. I want someone to pick it up, read it, and then write me a letter about the tremendous orgasm they had during the last sentence. That’s why I do this. Words are sexy, details are erotic, but good stories require a cigarette and a baby wipe at the end.

Now how do I shoehorn in a warning about the dreaded colloquy epicure I’m going to transform into when you guys leave me some tasty comments at the bottom of this blog?

“I don’t conjure ideas. My thoughts have a consciousness all of their own. I simply wait for them to approach me on their own volition.” — Jae Davis (when he’s being a pretentious bastard)


  1. Your talent is so natural and writings so vivacious, with a play of words that makes for great story telling and imagery.
    I am anticipating your book with this wonderous world that you want to create for us to be a part of and live in it as you did as you wrote. Thank you for sharing your many worlds with us, scribing away the day’s hardships and providing an anecdote every evening.


    • That’s very sweet of you to say. My confidence in myself is nowhere near as high as you seem to have in me. Thank you so much for the support. I personally feel like I have a long way to go before I’m content with my level, but I’m definitely willing to put in the work.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I always appreciate the comments you leave behind when you stop by the page, Harmony. I’m actually extremely excited for what I have in store for my readers. I’m hoping this blog keeps them interested long enough for my first book to come out and brighten their libraries! Don’t give up on me! I promise it will be worth the wait!


  2. Go forth and create literary illusions of beast and creature and weave them into a fascinating tale that catapults you into the arms of all the beast masters before you and into the mere mortals you love your work.


  3. Hello, good day
    I stumbled upon this sight and lots of your blogs peek intetest of mine ….and this one peeks rather high. It’s interesting, rare and unique how you can take the names of creatures and where they come from into your world and make that of inspiration
    Dope yo…super dope….i too enjoy words, weird and out of the box creatures…But the detail of what they look like and how they sound…the movement of how you describe is ..intriguing…fascinating and great to see what and how you …great author / artist comes to be…write more dude
    Oh….and the Fantastic Beasts …omg
    My shitttt yo
    And who doesn’t truly love them loompas from Willie Wanka
    Lol…but keep it up man
    This was pretty dope..I’ll be waiting for more


    • Well I’m glad you stumbled across this hot mess of a site. I hope what you were able to see during your visit has been satisfying enough to make you come back and visit. I plan to have a post for every day of the work week this week. Take some time and check out the older content. Also, share TTR with some friends. We need the exposure! We can’t conquer worlds with such low visibility.


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