Dear Online Companions,

Life is not without its moments of cruel humor. This was a good week. Things got done. Progress was made. Everything was going my way.

Tonight I’ll be in a hotel. I’ll most likely be there until I head out to work on Monday morning. A malfunctioning air conditioning became ground zero for an over-saturated, waterlogged hallway and a mildew buildup of the main restrooms. The house really summoned all the elements with this one, and with their powers combined, I’m in a hotel for the weekend.

I guess it isn’t all too bad. Yeah, it was an expense I didn’t plan for. Yeah, it isn’t the four seasons. Yeah, I’m gonna have to eat out for breakfast lunch and dinner. I thought I was going somewhere with this, but I suppose it actually is all bad.

Needless to say, you beautiful bastards most likely won’t get a weekend update from TTR. Instead I’ll use this abrupt sequestering and jump back on my novel. Maybe I’ll get some progress on that book of mine? Maybe my characters will get a bit more development? Maybe they’ll become a bit more dynamic and varying in archetype? Maybe my protagonist will become a bit more defined, setting himself apart from other characters in similar genres? Maybe the story will become an over-all, richer experience for the reader? I guess we will see what a 48 hour, TTR sabbatical can lead to.

Just know that you guys have made this week back a memorable experience and I want to thank you for the support you’ve been showing the page. Stop back by on Monday for an all new post, tailor-made for you, yes you, my favorite reader.

Stay classy, you beautiful bastards.

“Don’t be a jabroni. Eat your Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli.” — Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


  1. Oh no! Unexpected mishaps like these always keep us in panic and sometimes pondering on existentialism, but also it is amazing how we get through those states of unpredictable predicaments and land on our feet. You will land on your feet. Everything happens for a reason, and perhaps we should delight in mishaps, because there is either a lesson to learn or an epiphany. I will to you, good vibes through your writing experiences this weekend to turn up such wonderful delights in plot and character profiles for your book. Thank you for sharing your life as a writer, author with us. I appreciate your openness and encouragement. You will conquer no matter what the obstacle!


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