Eyes Wide Open (Updated)

Dear Digital Friends,

I shouldve been sleep hours ago. I’m sleepy as hell. But I’m so high off of adventure, that passing out just isn’t working. So, I’ll have more words coming a bit later……stay tuned.

Update –

So it’s Saturday morning, now. I guess not being able to sleep is going to be one of my trademarks for the next phase of my life, because my Friday saw minimum sleep also. I’ve been going through a bit of a transition in life, that I’ll have to tell you guys more about at a later date, but lack of sleep has appeared to be a side effect.

It’s 3:10am. I’ve been sitting up in the dark since around 1 something. I wish I could say I was thinking of something super interesting, but the only thing on my mind was continuing this post.

I ate an ass of food last night. And I do mean a whole ass worth. I can taste my breath right now and I hate my whole mouth. I also hate the food baby that’s currently kicking inside of me. She’s just like her mother, spicy ass chicken wings. I’m quite certain I’ll give birth to a 20 pound shit baby later tonight.

Anyways, I’m on a mini vacation from life. So far I’ve been having a lot of gratuitous fun. I hope it continues for the next 2 days.

I’ll let all you guys go back to sleep now. Enjoy your Saturday morning. I’m quite certain I’ll enjoy mine.

“Jae apologizes for this weak ass post, but wants to assure you that he will write more about tonight when the sun rises. Thank you!”- Non-attorney Spokesperson


    • Well, they are a really gifted writer. As you can tell, most of my posts have begun churning out as stories rather than my original idea of musings and rants. The additional writer would be brought on to provide more short story content. I will be doing a portrait for them to use as their icon on the site. Once we’ve hashed out the details of what they will be doing for The Thought Renaissance, you’ll get to see what they can do. Until then…you get boring ol me with the amazing tales of the agency life…and poop babies.

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      • Alright, alright, alright. I do hope that the wait is not in vain. I do love your rants and secret adventures. New musings will be beneficial I hope. Hope your readers are also intrigued, but I guess we will soon find out…


      • I’m hoping that adding a second voice to the renaissance will be enough to garner more followers. If I’m going to take over the world…I need more than the seven people that visit me on a regular basis. By my calculations…I’ll need at least two more. These pitchforks and torches don’t carry themselves, you know.


  1. You write as though you want your audience right there beside you, hearing, seeing, touching and living that same scene you describe! I love that! Your natural talent shines through. Go ahead and make that food baby a book baby so I can read during my late night insomnia sessions. 🙂


    • Lol…unfortunately that food baby, grew up to become a poop baby. It already moved away from home and joined the prestigious alumni associate of the toilet…lol. You’re late.

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    • I apologize about the weak ass post. My mind is other places right now. I’m hoping to have some more posts coming soon. I’m in talks to bring on a new writer…to help add some meat to this site. They’ll probably go live in about a month or so. And sleep is still minimal…but I’m still good to drive…lol.


      • Well, we shall see. I gotta make sure whomever my other writer is shares the same values as the rest of the Renaissance. This is my baby, after all. I don’t want no sappy poetry! Just interesting thoughts and short stories, breh.


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