Writer’s Block

Dear Poop (lolz),I’m in a rut. There isn’t any other way for me to say it. I can’t write anything.If you guys have been following the renaissance, I’ve been working on becoming a published author. I have this really terrible habit of starting these awesome projects and then moving on to an even more awesome project before finishing the last one. I have some sort of complex. Perhaps I have suffered so many loses in life that I can’t bear to see anything end if I have the power to control it, so to compensate, I simply leave things unfinished in order to give them some form of pseudo-immortality. Perhaps the concept of the finite is much too scary for me to face, so I find ways around it by creating my own interpretation of loopholes to the rules of life. Perhaps.Anyways…Today I opened my laptop and just stared at the screen for about thirty minutes. I just didn’t know where to go. I broke ground on a chapter about two months ago and for some reason, I let the fire go cold. When I looked at the words today, it was like reading a map of a city that didn’t exist anymore. Main character was in a board meeting or some shit and the second main character hadn’t even made her appearance. I mean, if anyone was to read it, they’d think the book was about a guy with anxiety that fixes his tie in the bathroom mirror during every trip. That’s pretty much what the bulk of the story is, at this point in time. My lady tried to help me by throwing some very, very good inspiration my way, but in the end, I was more interested in her than in the book.So, what is a guy to do? What happened to a story deferred? Did it dry up like a raisin in the sun…or is it slowly building up…getting ready to explode? I had high hopes for this creation at one point, but today was just filled with disappointment in myself.Its like 1AM, and I know I need to sleep, but I wanted to write something. My blog isn’t really furthering the renaissance like it once did, but that’s what ruts do. They still the waters. They bring the mosquitoes. They make these hot ass summer days, even more terrible. Damn you summer. Damn you, 90 degree ass May!I’m gonna attempt to write something again later today. I hope you scrubs bear with me. I promise to bring something worth your time, eventually. Well, maybe I shouldn’t promise that. Not everyone likes everything. You Internet-Americans can be pretty diverse, and opinionated. But that’s okay. Jae still loves you.

“This song’s gonna get stuck inside your HEEEAAAADDDD!” — T-Pain


  1. Hi there Mr D. This post sort of saddened me, I’ve enjoyed these posts and your slight poetry on some of them …lol I do hope you find more to write about. Be it genius or inspiring and even just to give us something to look forward to reading. Please continue to fill your reader fans with the most exhilarating, interesting, odd funny write from the creative guy that you are. I see you have some phenomenal inspiration so please continue
    Well until next time.

    Thank you again Mr. D


    • Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been dealing with a very, very problematic head ache for over a week. I got a little relief from it today thanks to the physicians at Urgent Care, but I believe it’s making a return at the moment. I’ll start posting again, when I get some relief from this situation.


      • OMG, I am so sorry to hear that you had to visit the ER. I do see that you have posted a little something and I can’t wait, as I stated prior, to read what’s to come. I do hope you are feeling much better and continue to bring more bright, fun, exciting and entertaining reads to your blog.

        Thanks again Mr. D


  2. First! lol just kidding. In all seriousness, I get where you are coming from in terms of writer’s block. I’ve been there…you feel stuck and you have so many ideas for the story, but what next? The meat and potatoes are there, but what about the ingredients to make the soup? I’m a major procrastinator, just as you also described yourself, creating and creating without a conclusion at times. Or perhaps we don’t want it to end so we leave it undone on purpose…whatever the reason, we also have to understand that nothing is perfect and with writing perhaps the reality that this is just a “rough draft” may help us with the perfection complex that we often struggle through as writers…if we ponder too hard, then we may also ponder too harshly. I have a bit of advice…perhaps you can use some techniques such as freewriting or create a bubble chart where you scribble scenarios, leads or different plots for the book or story. I’m just giving you some techniques that I have used. I have a story on my blog called The Library…and I was stumped for like a month at a turn of the story, then blank…just like that I lost my point of direction. After a month, I tried to finish it up, reluctantly, but as a typed, the story created itself easily woven like I never lost my cadence. I believe in you as a writer and you are naturally inclined to writing. I could tell by your posts that you love character traits and character creation. Perhaps you may be focusing too much on plots and need to focus more on character development, I can explain further at another point in time. Please let me know what worked best for you once you have outwitted the writer’s block phenomena. Good Luck, I’m rooting for you. Your biggest fan!


    • I love how you just got on my blog and wrote more than I did for my post!!! You’re banned…lol. I’ll try the bubble chart today though. When I leave work, I do have some homework to complete, but after that, I’ll put your idea to use. Thanks. Oh, and I’ve read your post about The Library, it’s pretty dope stuff.

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