A Mid-Week Affirmation

Dear Friends of the Interwebs,

This week is about to be all about running things! Let’s jump into it.

Last week, you played it a bit too safe. You didn’t want to rustle any feathers. You kept your head down. You stayed out of the limelight. You were background music. You were there, but you were hidden in plain site and the world was none the wiser.

For the rest of this week, you’re the other side of that coin. You’re grandiose! You’re bombastic! You’re supercalifragilisticispialadocios!

For the rest of the week, the world is yours. Command its attention. Make the sun go blind from staring at you for too long. You are the boss. Tell your supervisor that they aren’t needed this week, because you got this.

Every day this week is just an opportunity for you to run something. Remember that. No matter what task you’re doing, do it like your badge says M.F.S.M.E (Motherfucking Subject Matter Expert). They dont need to see the manager, they need to see you. They don’t need to hit the lottery. They need you! They don’t need Superman. They need you.

Let’s give the people what they want. A bad mother….”shut your mouth.” I’m sure they can dig it.

“If I was you, I’d want to be me, too.” — Meaghan Trainor


  1. This was very inspiring and helpful too
    A good attitude to have throughout life and especially at the work place

    Spectacular writing Mr D. I look forward to seeing and reading more of your blogs


    • I appreciate the love, Brea. I must apologize ahead of time though, because not all of my blogs will be inspirational. Some of them are just outright nonsense…lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for your honesty in that and you have my full support Mr D. I’ve read a few other blogs of yours and I feel they are still worthy of my visit and will be a cool read…once again spectacular work

        Can’t wait for the next creative work of yours


  2. I love that song from Meaghan Trainor, by the way. I love this new post, it speaks to a new confidence that we should all find in ourselves. Even as drones in the workforce, we should seek to rise above the mediocre. Thank you for sharing this…I’m hanging on to your every post.


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