Dinner for Monsters

Dear Friends of the World Wide Web,

I woke up with a headache this morning. I think I just slept too long. I’ve also dramatically changed my eating habits in preparation for a big event that I hope takes place in a year…lol…so I might still be suffering the effects of my diet alteration. Anyways, a bit of aching head never hurt anyone, so I won’t let it ruin my Saturday!

Today I will be indulging in the pleasures of the cinema with a few people I know from work. I’m actually really excited about the evening as I don’t typically get the chance to see these creatures outside of the workplace. I’m a bit intrigued to get a National Geographic’s level looksie into their habits and mannerisms.

I imagine the movie will be a fun time. I don’t typically do group movie outings because I hate for people to talk through them, but I’m certain my group won’t indulge in such bad behavior. However, the theater we will be attending does serve alcohol, so, I might not need to worry about them talking, but instead I should worry about the Coyote Ugly level bar fight that might take place. Either way, that’ll make for a nice blog.

We’re planning to all do dinner afterwards. That’s where most of the conversing is expected to take place. If history repeats itself, this is where people will start arguing and declaring that we will never hang out again. Such predictable little scamps they are.

I’m hoping that my follow up post is as interesting as I’m anticipating it to be. If it’s not, I apologize in advance. But shit, all my posts can’t be winners.

Disclaimer : This is a post about real events. However names are fake as hell. The description of all events and incidents are slightly altered by the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events should be considered purposeful and hilarious as fuck.


    • Well, one thing that will forever be true is, monsters like to go Where the Wild Things Are. One of them had the audacity to tell me that the other monsters were too tame. Monsters are filthy creatures of habit. If they aren’t fighting, cursing, or talking bad about their fellow monsters, they aren’t content. And when I write about these creatures, you should never, ever expect their behavior to be amicable.

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