Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

Something Old

October 4th has seen its fair share of historical events. Exactly 91 years ago, in the year 1927, Mount Rushmore was sculpted and the world was gifted with the immortal stone faces of four American men that only about 23% of Americans can name. Yay for public school.

If you jump forward 30 years to 1957 you’d be able to witness the USSR launching Sputnik into space. It was a satellite? It was responsible for giving us some of the earliest photographs of the celestial bodies of our solar system? What is school even for?

Something New

News dropped this morning that the tax returns of President 45 may soon be made public. If you give a shit about American politics you probably recall the huge uproar back in 2016 about the public wanting to see the tax returns of the “stable genius.” After a series of back and forth and “will he or won’t he,” the financial records were never seen and the story was pushed into obscurity.

But a slip up by the American leader’s big sister may have lead to the discovery of some very illegal dealings including embezzlement. This isn’t a news outlet, but this story might be fun to follow on another site, like

Something Borrowed

So according to the stolen borrowed information from the pages of, the next generation of wireless networks has an official name. Following the pattern of mostly all other electronic nomenclature, the tech is going numerical.

When the new devices launch, you’ll be happy to know your wireless devices will be connected to the cleverly named WiFi 6.

Something Blue

Der Turm der blauen Pferde, Franz Marc (1913)

The Tower of Blue Horses was an oil painting of expressionist styling. It was considered one of Franz Marc’s best works, but the piece went missing in 1945. The original has yet to be recovered. I’d have totally stolen this shit too.

Even the sun goes down, heroes eventually die. Horoscopes often lie and sometimes “y.” Nothing is for sure. Nothing is for certain. Nothing lasts forever. — OutKast (Aquemini)

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