So I’ve officially been on this journey for the reclamation of my dopest self for eleven days, now. Since then, I’ve written one page of a story, eaten two pieces of cake, eaten two donuts, taken zero photos with my Nikon and done exactly zero minutes of exercise. I’ve flaked. I’m off to a great start.

I find myself questioning why I even set off to start The Jae Renaissance. Am I questing for health? Am I venturing towards a greater future than I’ve previously foreseen? Am I trying to get the senpai of the universe to notice me? What is my actual goal? And why am I not as horny to reach it as I was on the first of April?

I suck. That’s the answer. Goodnight, everybody.

Nah, I have plenty of excuses to throw out for why I haven’t done anything that I’ve planned. I could tell you my mother has been over my house and she kinda occupies the hell out of my spare time. I could tell you that my brother convinced me that playing Elden Ring at one in the morning is way more interesting than waking up and going to the track for a mile run. I could even try to convince you that I’m so sleepy by the time that I clock out from work that sitting at my computer and writing stories begins to feel like a chore rather than a hobby. I could tell you a lot, but truthfully, I think I just lack motivation right now.

As I stated in my last post, THE JAE RENAISSANCE, I wrote my future self a mean spirited letter hoping that future me would be so evolved that he would be un-phased by it. As of right now, I’m not convinced that he won’t be balled up in the corner crying like a baby back bitch after reading the first paragraph. I keep hoping that the contents of the letter will fade from my mind, but I remember it almost line for line. Future Jae really needs to get his shit together and do something. Right now he’s probably sitting in his bed, hovering over his fancy iPhone, proofreading this blog after I’ve written it. He should be in his office whipping up some golden story threads in a word document or drawing some boss ass artwork, but nope. He’s continuing his streak of being a lazy half naked asshole sitting on top of his blankets. I’m losing faith in him.

Alternatively, someone said I was “looking good” today, so maybe that’ll motivate him to do some shit so they say he’s “looking great,” in the future. We will see come May 30th.

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