Four Reasons Why I May Need a Hug

1. I suppose it started on last Saturday. Fear is a cruel reminder of how much the absence of control can affect us. This weekend I was faced with what I can only describe as my personal hell. Without giving you guys too many details about my personal kryptonite, I’ll tell you that the whole ordeal left my hands, arms, and one leg a little bloody. It was a tremendously frightening situation for me and I can feel it’s affects still. And the one person in this world that could have probably understood…is no longer a part of my life…lol. Fuck!

2. So if number one wasn’t reason enough, some asshole hit my car and ran off on Monday. The worst part about it was that the humongous dent in the back of my car went unnoticed until I was already off of government grounds and at a pharmacy about 20 miles away. It’s frustrating. I actually liked my little Subaru, but that dent is such an eye sore that…ugh. All I can tell is that the dent is high, meaning that the culprit drove a vehicle that was on a lift kit and that the paint he left behind was a powdery metallic gray.

3. Also, on Monday, a position I was well qualified for was given to someone outside of the company. The worst part about it was that the hiring manager is exceedingly familiar with my work and credentials, yet didn’t even call me in for an interview. I try not to get frustrated over this type of thing, but this would be the third time being skipped over for the position AND THE INTERVIEW, despite the others in adjacent positions recommending me. How do you not harbor ill feelings towards this type of situation, because at this moment, I kinda want the whole world to burn.

4. I guess the icing on the cake is that the timing of everything is leading me to doubt myself in more areas that I thought I occupied. I make it a point to learn everything, and I do mean everything, about whatever job I’m employed to do. But recent happenings has proven that I, and my plethora of knowledge on any given subject matter, are not enough. I feel like I’m failing at being me. How am I being myself, incorrectly? And to make matters worse, I’m considering throwing in the towel. Perhaps it’s time that I realize that I’m only special in the narrative I’ve written for myself. In reality, I’m another NPC that you’re pressing “B” on to skip my dialogue. (I guess you PlayStation players would be pressing “circle,” instead.)

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