My favorite part about blogging is fighting the internal battle of what to write about. It’s basically an all out melee between me and my brain. It wants to write about current events and math, when I just want to write a four paragraph fart joke. We rarely ever see either of us get what we want. This was going to be another daily journal about my feelings and work, I’m but instead you get this toilet fire.

It’s Thursday now. That means it’s Friday Eve. And more importantly, that means Saturday is overmorrow. And overmorrow is when I’m going to be productive….probably.

I gave myself a task for the month of July. It was not only my attempt to accomplish something amazing, but also to be a test of my self discipline. Could I complete a goal in which both the rules and the policing of those rules were governed by myself? Basically, I need to both start and complete something, but the only reward is that of a well deserved feeling of accomplishment, measured by my own lazy ass standards. Can I complete something, that I’m not getting paid to finish? Can I follow through with an idea that is barely even a conception? Can I blah blah blah, even though blah blah blah? Well, those are the questions I’ll probably find answers to, dear Watson.

Today odd another day of possibilities! I’m one step closer to either failing or completing my goal. The suspense is killing me…or motivating me…I honestly don’t know. I can tell you that the month ends in 9 days though, and that I’ve barely written the equivalent of fifteen pages towards my end goal. But hey, that’s life! Through laziness and fire, we are either forged in failure or emblazoned with success. Let’s see how I do. Don’t look though.

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