Conspiracy Theory 110

In 1928, a man by the name of Joseph Crater developed a way to do kidney transplants without the need of antibiotics. His method, a bit too scientific for me to fully comprehend, allowed the body to trick the implanted organ into thinking it wasn’t foreign by teaching it to replace its cellular structure with cells produced in the new body. After about two weeks, the kidney was indistinguishable from the patient’s original.

This medical breakthrough was revolutionary in that it could be applied to a host of different internal organs. Although it was never put into practice, theoretically, it had the ability to completely heal all forms of diabetes and a few other disorders. However, it was determined, that these organ transplants, left the patients completely healthy as if they never needed medical attention in the first place. This was bad for business. This was also an issue as Crater never went to medical school. He was a lawyer.

Crater disappeared in 1930, only for a Dutch scientist to invent dialysis. The medical breakthrough that was the Crater Transplant, completely disappeared from history, only existing in a small article written by the Manhattan Mention, a small news paper. Dialysis was completely unnecessary under the Crater Transplant Method.

Seriously, google the name of that guy. His full name was Joseph Force Carter.

History has a whole slew of these Easter eggs. Did you know that in the first draft of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, they explain why The Hatter was crazy? Apparently, he botched a job for the Queen of Hearts when she requested a new soft setting for her crown, and she had him beheaded! He was later found and stitched back up by “The Glad Tailor,” but being dead left him with apparent brain damage. There is no method to his madness, he was psycho from his reanimation.

Finally, there is a photo of JFK in the hospital bed, smiling for a newspaper called the Dallas Morning News! If you know your history, Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas during a parade. However, photos circulating in 1971, showed Kennedy laying in bed, while his wife posed for pictures at his side.

Pretty interesting right? It kind of makes you think about the world, differently. How much do we really know about anything?

Perhaps, that’s something we should all take the time to ponder…some other time…because all of this is completely made up, by We love story telling a whole lot more than we love conspiracy theories! And we love providing you guys with unnecessarily wonderful content like this! I’m glad you were here for the ride! The Thought Renaissance is back, baby!!!


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