An Affirmation for the Whole Goddamn Year of 2020

Welcome to the new year, friends! It’s the beginning of a new decade and the time for us all to make promises to ourselves that, according to statistics, 79% of us won’t keep. Absolut wundervoll. It’s truly a great time of the year. But it can also be really hard on some of us.

Maybe you didn’t complete the one important goal you set for yourself last year. Maybe your girl went to a New Years Eve party and posted sexy ass pics of herself on Instagram for her thirsty ass fans. Maybe your stomach hurts a little bit from the over abundance of rainbow sherbert occupying your upper intestines and your farts are setting off the carbon monoxide alarm. But you shouldn’t concern yourself with any of that right now. The year 2020 is the year of YOU!

It’s not the year of your zodiac. Its the year of YOU! Don’t worry about that disgusting putrid tummy of yours, or that sexy ass girlfriend showing off for the thirsty men she follows on Instagram, or those goals you failed to achieve. You and you, alone, are the focus of this year. Don’t let anything stop you from becoming and/or being the very best version of yourself.

New year, so what! Don’t be pulled into some loose human tradition that only ends up making you feel like an undisciplined failure when you inevitably decide to abandon your resolutions. Just focus on being a happier version of yourself. That’s the only thing that matters. You are your future! Getting fired, passed over, demoted…all of that sounds crappy. But your only goal is to find a way to be happy with totality of yourself! Once that becomes your priority, I guarantee this will be the year that finally makes sense and starts paying out dividends. Abandon all things that aren’t you…lol. That may be a little too much, but you should get the gist of what this post was about by now.

So do you. Shoot for the stars of you. Go beyond, plus ultra you! To infinity, and beyond you!

“Things got a little shakey in some parts, but I trust this affirmation was pretty dope to the followers.” — Jae 2020 Davis


    • “You know I only say it cause I’m truly genuine!” Looks like someone is on the same page as me this year! Welcome to the roaring 20s!


  1. Thank you. Thoughts. Yes, everything starts with the individual. A single person is a universe onto themselves. We do need to confront what prevents us from achieving goals , whether there be excuses or actually admitting to ourselves how much effort do we put into changing ourselves or fates? It is not anything in this universe that prevents us to willing into being something we want achieve, it is ourselves that ultimately get in our own way. That is the ultimate truth. We are infinite and unstoppable when we realize we can do everything we conjure, but it is the most devastating thing to admit that we failed because we actually was too lazy or scared or hopeless to put things into place to make them happen. I’m willing to do that for myself. You are right about not putting the efforts into holidays or a specific time to work on your vices or goals, but to understand profoundly the reason that nothing comes into being with out efforts is you freeing yourself from all limitations. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and allowing your audience to share theirs.


    • I’m totally gonna ban you if you keep blogging in my comments section…lol. Stop interpreting the things I wrote instead of just accepting the words I put forth for you to read. The main goal of this post is to tell you to just find a way to be happy with yourself, by any means necessary!

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