An Affirmation for the Week

Readers, let me tell you. These last couple of weeks ain’t been no crystal stair. I have been on the verge of coughing my lungs out for nearly a month now. The docs basically put a bandaid on me and sent me home, but every day it’s more of the same—dry cough here, wet cough there, blah blah blah. I’ve had to miss a bit of work. I’ve been reprimanded for missing work. I’ve contemplated missing even more work. Basically, life is trying to choke me out and if it can’t get a grip on my lungs, it’s going for my wallet.

But guess what! I’m still here! This weeks affirmation is playing a bit closer to the vest than usual. I have first hand knowledge on how much of a bitch, “circumstance” can be. And he has been a whole bitch and a half recently.

So it’s like this. This whole life thing can be a real drag. It can literally put a five fingered grip, over your figurative nutsack, and drag you across the backyard like like a makeshift dog toy. But no matter what, no matter how tight that vice grip on your metaphorical testes becomes, you will survive. As long as you know how to live, I know you’ll stay alive. So run through them obstacles head first. Smile as the bullets bounce off your chest. Masturbate while the air is blowing all around you as you fly through the sky. You got this shit.

Things got a little horny towards the end there, but I feel like the message hit it’s mark. Have a great fucking week.

“Me. Davis if you’re nasty.” — Jae Davis

One comment

  1. Thanks for the affirmation to help punch through this week! This cold and flu season is going to be a crazy one! Protect yourself! Arm yourself with herbal teas and tonics…lol Hope you get better really, really soon!


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