An Affirmation for the Week

It’s the beginning of the week, guys, and I’m already too sleepy to function. My settings are on low power mode. Minimum output is to be expected.

This week, just coast. Seriously, it’s November, it’s cold as reverse hell, nobody really wants to do anything beyond staying home, drinking some coco, and watching old ass episodes of How to Get Away with Murder. So this week I say, be like Frieza.

For those that aren’t fully versed in the lore of Dragon Ball Z, Frieza is a space badass that fought the hero Goku for what seemed like half a year, only to stop the fight at random intervals to explain to him that he was only using a small percentage of his power the whole time. Goku was sweating, achieving new levels of power to best Frieza, and Frieza was basically yawning in his face until the last 5 or 6 minutes.

Your job is Goku. Go take it on, but don’t exert yourself. Now I should say that in the end, Frieza ended up chopped in half and disintegrated, but he still proved his point. You can fuck up a whole planet while you’re barely trying, if you believe in your own strength.

Have a great week.

“Nobody is going to feel affirmed after this shit.” — Some Reader

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