Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Click On This

Sorry, friends. It’s Halloween and I’m way too busy communing with Voldemort, Pennywise, and Pinhead to write anything of value. I can’t summon the Cthulhu while pumping out TTR bullshit all day! How am I supposed to destroy the world before the next blood-moon if I’m posting cute little stories all the time? Go ahead, just get out of here. Get out there and threaten some home owners into giving you some candy!

Today is Thoughts and Things Thursday, so I THOUGHT about not writing anyTHING. So just get off my doorstep before I put some raisins in your pillow case and release the hounds on you and your parents. I didn’t even have my light on.

Fine. Okay…okay…in the spirit of accountability, I’ll put something worth your time, here. Thoughts and Things Thursday is the day I can post anything creative and original from my beautiful mind. Poetry, short stories, artwork; nothing is off limits except that which is not artsy. I’ll just “shart” out a poem and home some of it lands on your face and lips. Here is a cute little limerick of the macabre persuasion, just for you.

This writer is probably dead.

Of a bullet wound straight to the head.

His brain’s hanging out.

There’s blood in his mouth.

And the keyboard he types on is red.

There you go. I call it, The Murdered Blogger.

I hope you found this post as fulfilling as I have.

“I just wanna play some Zelda. Shit!” — Jae Davis


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