An Affirmation for the Week

So…as stated last week…TTR has been working on a schedule! So…this marks the first official SCHEDULED day of the Monday Mood Setter, aka The Affirmation for the Week. I hope you’re as tingly about this as we are.

This week is all about change and adaptability. This is the week that you figure things out. Life is probably going to put a giant stack of bovine excrement in your lap. That’s just to be expected of weeks, sometimes. But you’re going to cut through that cow dung with quantum precision. You’re so good at what you do, you’re going reach into that heifer waste, grab it by the atoms, and realign its molecular structure until that bull shit becomes gold. We’re talking alchemy here.

You’re so fucking ready for what the world has in store for you, that you brought gloves. And those gloves aren’t just for making precious metals out of the green apple splatters of cloven hoof animals, they’re also for slapping trials and tribulations across the face, just to let them know that you demand satisfaction.

So get ready to have your shoes polished like they’ve never been before, because your foot is going to be in so much ass this week, that you’re going to have to put a shoe shine on retainer. Let’s get it going, peeps!

“Girl, you’re the one, I want to want me!” — Jason Derulo


  1. The post is here!!! Whoo hoooo
    Thank you for this awesome affirmation of the week, it certainly put a pep in a step or two of mine. I do wish this week brings you all of this and much more!!!!

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    • Keep willing me those good vibes and it will show up through these posts. I appreciate you following the Renaissance! I am definitely looking forward to whatever this week can put in my face.


  2. Man look!! It’s Monday…basketball season begins at 8! You’ve posted some vibes that I can get jiggy with! I love it and you! Have the best week for you and if nobody else tells you..I’m proud of you!

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      • Lol, so I’ll mention that I had NBA tip off totally wrong, it’s tomorrow! But you already know you’re the bees knees! I’ll gas you up a few more notches but then that’s it. I can only take so much of a pumped up Aquarius lol.


      • How about I SAY I’ll oblige so that you feel assuaged BUT we both know you don’t really want me to bc you know..personal space lol you get what you want!


      • Awwww…you know me so well. I doubt if any of the readers read these comments, but if they do, they should realize the fellowship we have conceived in this box. Harmony is the best friend a guy like me can afford! But once I get a few more dollars…you’re fucking done…Hahahaha.


      • And you know they are gonna be foxtails! Im gonna have on a top hat and white gloves too. A cool ass AristoCat!


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