A Kick-Ass Affirmation for the Week

We have, once again, reached the next Monday of our existence. How are you feeling about that? You sleepy? You already over it? You being an orange lasagna eating cat about the whole situation? Well shut the fuck up and change your attitude.

You’ve been knowing this day was coming for at least 7 days now. You’re prepared. You got this shit. Your weekend was too short? You vodka’d your whole Saturday away? Your five year old spilled drink all in your bed on Sunday? Fucking great! You didn’t die. So that means it didn’t kill you. And you know that if it doesn’t kill you, it just makes you stronger.

So now you’re a fucking jacked ass muscle beast ready to throat punch whatever Monday bullshit tries to jump up in your face with its punk ass. Now you’re a goddamn gamma monster ready to punch that fucking time clock through the fucking floor. Now you’re the anthropomorphic embodiment of a C. T. Fletcher slogan T-shirt…and damn right…It’s Still Your Mother Fucking Set.

You see this website you’re reading this on? It was supposed to be overhauled over three weeks ago. I was supposed to use a new logo, new art for each post, maybe some music, and it’s still this blue and white ass blog site. But hey, I’m not dead, so it didn’t kill me, so I must be Hulk Hogan’d than a mother fucker right now.

Take all this testosterone I’m channeling in these words and inject it into the scrotum of your attitude and get ready to fucking choke slam any bitch ass obstacle that has the audacity to look at you.

I fucking believe in you…so lift something, bitch!

Have a great goddamn week.

“It’s still your mother fucking set.” — C. T. Fletcher


  1. Lol late as hell. Your attitude today was super splendiferous(is that a word, yikes. I think I just made that up) but I loved it! You made me feel all giggly and dancy pants today, even though I could just become a lioness and rip out eyes and tear through shirts of coworkers and meanies…but instead, I had you. Taming me, giving me life and water to continue on through the desert of this day! Please, sow more seeds of humor and delight throughout the week. I’m counting on you!


    • Well I’m glad that the blog spoke to you in such a manner. My goal was to give the people some words of encouragement to knock the day out the park. I’m so glad I was able to help you in some way. Stay tuned for more content!

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      • Kick it up a few more notches! Not Two Notch, but ten notches! I challenge you to write in…3rd person omniscient! Yesssss…A challenge for your next blog post! Meet it or beware! *maniacal laughter*


      • Yeah, I’m not really taking challenges right now. I’ve really enjoyed doing whatever I want with these last 2 posts. Please keep following The Thought Renaissance to know when we’ll be excepting challenges again.
        But the word challenge is a bit of a stretch. Tempting me to write in 3rd person omniscient is like daring me to poop every once in a while. I guess I can do it….hahahaha. Try harder, next time Hetheru!

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    • Here I was, thinking that benching 220Lbs with my choice of title was enough. And here you come to add another 80Lbs on me. I fucking love it. It didn’t kill me. I’m stronger than a bitch now. It’s still my mother fucking set!


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