Updates Delayed AF!

Dear Readers,

We at The Thought Renaissance would like to apologize for the lack of content posted over the last 2 weeks. Site renovations have been moving about a bit slower than usual, and we grossly underestimated the time needed for the new look we are trying to achieve.

We ask that everyone bear with us for just another week while we finalize everything. I can personally promise some great things popping up in the site. You might have already realized that some of the older, more unnecessary content has been or is in the process of being deleted. Those posts didn’t quite fit with the mission statement of The Thought Renaissance anymore.

We look forward to raising the curtain for everyone real soon. Until then, please enjoy some complimentary stale popcorn and warm soda or simply peruse our older content for the time being. Thank you for your impatience!

“Hurry, Mayor. The crowd is getting restless.” — The Gangrene Gang (Powerpuff Girls)

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