An Awesome Affirmation for the Week

To Whom this May Concern,

I’m currently enveloped in the solid black, embrace of the night, sitting in the coolest pose imaginable, on the side of my bed, writing this amazing ass message to you. The only thing I could add to make this moment even doper, would be an old record player, playing John Coltrane and Duke Ellington’s “In a Sentimental Mood,” while I narrate everything you’re reading. I’m cool as shit right now. I’m Smooth Criminal cool. Think of school…and then wonder why I’m not there. You’ll quickly realize it’s because I was too cool for it.

I’m high off of myself for no reason at all. And that’s my affirmation for you this week. Realize that you are the greatest thing to ever happen to everyone you encounter this week. Their life didn’t amount to ass before you graced their presence. You’re their morning coffee. You’re their emergency CPR. You’re their deep breath of good old, home grown, American oxygen. You’re amazing. Don’t bother giving yourself a round of applause, because everybody else is already doing it for you.

That’s not disco enough for you? How about this? You’re so fly, you should be in the sky with birds! You’re so damn fresh your mom considered naming you “produce.” If I had three wishes I’d wish to be you, three times.

Take this energy and own this whole week. Everybody is a fan! Your job doesn’t pay you to work, it pays you to just be there because it loves you. Don’t let the people down. Shine bright…like a goddamn laser…no…a Major Lazer. “Watch out for this.”

“This blog was not intended for Pixies that watch Brightburn without me.” — Jae Davis


  1. Mr D
    Thanks for the inspiration and pep talk smooth jazzy sappy poetic blog
    It’s nice to see and hear. I’ll defiantly take it to heart this week
    And sentimental mood is ohhh so wonderful. I often listen to that while attempting to create something to give to my audience

    Anywho, thank you again and you are correct
    You are super FLY for this one here
    Keep it up…write on Mr D


    • Thanks for the support, Brea. I often recommend In a Sentimental Mood to people who want a nice laid back tune to vibe to.

      And yes…I thoroughly enjoyed writing this one…lol.


      • I’m glad you enjoyed writing it…it certainly seemed that way
        Again thank you for your excellent and exciting blogs
        Keep them coming or ask friends would say, do it up breh …lol


  2. Pixies need love too. Major Lazer “Lean On” is my favorite jam…how did you know…lol
    I will embody all of this awesome post, which was AWE-some and I would channel it two fold this week alone. It will make me mightier than the mightiest where as I will have the strength of a million ants! Thanks for sprinkling your affirmation to honor the “self” and may the force be with you always. That means the weekend also. lol


    • I’m so glad my words were able to inspire you. Sometimes I’m not sure if my musings are encouraging or just amusing. It’s good to know I was able to reach at least one person’s heart this week.

      Liked by 1 person

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