Happy Birthday!!!

Dearly Beloved,

Last week, I lost a friend in a terrible inner-agency operation. The details of her passing are classified, but at one point, that agent was pretty close to me. We saved each other on the battlefield many times.

I remember this one time when we had to lie to officials to keep our credentials from being pulled. She was still a rookie at the time but as my trainee, she picked up the skills of deception quickly.

Anyways, today is her 33rd birthday. She was dope for the small amount of time that I knew her so not being able to wish her punk ass a happy birthday face to face kinda sucks. But, if she hadn’t been playing with that landmine and shooting back into the crowd, none of this would’ve happen.

So anyways, grab a bottle of brown or white , and pour one down for the homie. She dead, but I’m sure she still like to party…Hahahaha.


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