An Affirmation for the Week

Dear Earthlings,

Don’t even worry about it. Those aliens you discovered infesting the homes of your neighbors, infecting and spreading their disease, don’t worry about them. They are not, nor have they ever been your problem. Allow their disease to fester elsewhere. Do not let them into your home.

Also, if you know that your neighbors have also been infected, forget them too. Focus on your own patch of earth. Water YOUR grass. Tend to YOUR soil. Wash YOUR OWN windows. Focus on what really matters.

Basically, fuck all that doesn’t matter to your happiness and all that tries to dismantle it. Let’s get it going.

“Sucker MC’s should call me sire!” — RUN DMC


  1. Yes, tending to one’s own happiness makes everyone around them happy. That’s the secret of true happiness…shhh…don’t tell anyone else…
    Being that you are happy others gravitate around you to get a whiff of that happiness also. Happiness should be a trend, indeed, but most of us believe happiness is to be lonely or allow other peoples contentment to be your own. It’s a lie. Grab hold of your own happiness and everything else will fall into place.


    • Happiness is a concept I’m starting to become quite familiar with. The biggest thing is trying to determine whether or not I should grab a handful of it or just leave it alone. Happiness seems pretty hot to the touch…lol

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